Feng Shui Renovation Rules

Can I renovate my house any time I like?

From a Feng Shui perspective you should not. Renovating an area that is afflicted with inauspicious current year qi can activate the afflicted area and bring about negative consequence.


If the house is vacant or not tenanted, you can start renovating any sector of the house. All you need to do is select an auspicious date and time to start work. If the house is currently tenanted and you do not have plans to move out then you should observe the rule on Feng Shui regarding renovations.

You should not carry out any renovations on your house if it sits on the Sui Poh direction or the Five Yellow direction of the year. In 2008 for example the Sui Poh direction is SE3 while the Five Yellow Direction is NE (Note that the the Sui Poh direction is directly opposite the Tai Sui direction). In other words you should carry out major renovation works in 2008 on any house that sits SE3 or NE.

In addition to the above you should take note of the direction of Three Killings. In 2008 Three Killings is at the west. This means that you should ideally not carry major renovation works on any house that sits west. But what if you must? Unlike Sui Poh and Five Yellow above, you can still carry out renovation works by selecting good San Sha date. This date is one where the San Sha effect is weakest.

Do you still need to select a correct auspicious date? Absolutely!

What if you need to renovation many sectors of your house and including the ones that are afflicted by Tai Sui, Three Killings and Five Yellow? If the renovation is extensive, it will be a good idea to move out for a few months.

The table below shows the locations for Tai Sui, Sui Poh, Three Killings and Five Yellow for the next few years.

 Tai SuiSui PohThree KillingsFive Yellow
2007NW3SE3SW3, W1-3, NW1NE
2008N2S2SE3, S1-3, SW1S
2009NE1SW1NE3, E1-3, SE1N
2010NE3SW3NW3, N1-3, NE1SW
2011E2W2SW3, W1-3, NW1E
2012SE1NW1SE3, S1-3, SW1SE
2013SE3NW3NE3, E1-3, SE1Center
2014S2N2NW3, N1-3, NE1NW
2015SW1NE1SW3, W1-3, NW1W
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