Feng Shui Cures Placement

“The Feng Shui master recommended that I place a Feng Shui cure in the north east sector of my house. Where do I take the reference from?”

While this may be obvious to most people, I am still surprised at the number of times this question is raised by visitors to my website or during my public talks.

When placing Feng Shui cures the reference point is usually (unless otherwise stated) the ‘centre’ of the ‘enclosed’ area of the house. It exclude the front and back garden and in the case of semi or fully detached properties, the garden spaces at the side of the house.

Centre of a House
Centre of a House

For a regular square of rectangular house, located the ‘centre’ of the house is easy. It is the intersection of the four corners of the house. Please refer to the diagram.

For an irregular shape house, locating the centre is more challenging and you may have to retrieve your dusty geometry books from the store!

Once you have located the ‘centre’ of the house, place a compass there and rotate it until the ‘North’ marker on the compass face is aligned with the north pointing needle. You can then read the rest of the cardinal and inter-cardinal directions off the compass face.

Eight Sectors
Eight Sectors

Although north for example is 0 degrees, the north sector is actually a 45 degrees pie ranging from 337.5 degrees to 22.5 degrees. Please refer to the drawing on the left to see this sector and the rest of the sectors.

Therefore you can place the cure anywhere within the pie although in practice it is better to place it closer to the line.

Some cures must be placed within a 15 degree pie for example in N3. North 3 is a a smaller pie from 7.5 degrees to 22.5 degrees.

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