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Facial Moles and their Meaning

There are many ancient Chinese face reading texts on moles and their meanings. You can find an explanation for every conceivable mole on your face and body.

In this article I will however focus on common facial moles and explain the meaning behind these moles.

Busybody Mole

Busy Body Mole
Busy Body Mole

The Busybody mole is a mole on the right or left side of the chin between the lower lip and the tip of the chin. This is commonly known as the busy body mole. It belongs with someone with an inquisitive nature. Being inquisitive is not a bad thing but it is easy to cross the line and that is when he/she become nosy – hence a busybody. As a rule the bigger the mole the more inquisitive one is.

Obstruct Career and Husband Mole

Obstruct Career & Husband Mole
Obstruct Career & Husband Mole

The Obstruct Career and Husband mole is a mole in the centre of the forehead. This area is also the career palace and governs a person’s career luck. It translates to problems in one’s career, obstacles and inability to move up the ranks. Since the forehead also governs one’s luck between the ages of 15 and 30, it also means that your career luck can only get better after 30. In the old days the career palace is only important for men but these days it applies to the lady as well. For a lady, a mole on the forehead also infers poor marriage luck. She may have an unhappy marriage or have poor affinity with the husband.

Ill Health Mole

Ill Health Mole
Ill Health Mole

The Ill Health mole is a mole on the nose bridge. This area is also known as the health palace. It reflects the quality of one’s health. A mole there shows poor health, a weak immune system and a lingering or long term illness.

Eating God Mole

Eating God Mole
Eating God Mole

The Eating God mole is a mole on the left or right corner of the upper lip. This is called the ‘Eating God’ mole. People with such moles enjoy good food. They will seek out good food and often do not need to pay for them! Actually their good luck is not limited to food. It also includes the finer things in life such as wine, women and song!

Lose Wealth Mole

Lose Wealth Mole
Lose Wealth Mole

The Lose Wealth mole is a mole on the tip of the nose. Also included in the Lose Wealth mole is moles on the nose wing (left and right side of the nose tip). The nose tip is also known as the wealth palace and it governs the storage of wealth. A mole here shows blockage or leakage and signifies a wealth related problem. Persons with Lose Wealth mole will find it difficult to save money or lose money easily. In general, the bigger the mole the bigger is the problem.

Save Wealth Mole

Save Wealth Mole
Save Wealth Mole

The Save Wealth mole is the opposite of the Lose Wealth mole. It is located just underneath or next to the nose wings. People with such moles can save money and tend to have substantial savings. They can also attract wealth. The mole serves like a guard protecting nose tip which is also the wealth palace.

Pearl Covered by Grass Mole

Pearl Grass Mole
Pearl Grass Mole

The Pearl Covered by Grass mole is a mole hidden in the eyebrow. It shows treasure or talent that is hidden. It infers an individual with strong character and perseverance that is willing to work hard to achieve his goals. And after much effort his ability is revealed and goals achieved.

Crying Mole

Crying Mole
Crying Mole

The Crying mole is a mole located directly on the eye bag. It signifies emotional issues and people with such moles are usually and very easily affected by emotional problems. They also tend to worry too much.

There are a lot of other moles and meanings but these are the well-known ones. Check out the moles on your friend’s face and see if their character or fortune matches the description above. Have fun!

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Do you Have a Big Mouth?

In Chinese face reading, a big mouth suggest a extroverted personality while a small mouth belongs to an introvert.

So how big is big? Or how small is small?

The answer lies in the diagram below. The two vertical lines through the centre of the iris act as a guide. If the width of the mouth exceeds the boundary of these two vertical lines, then the mouth is considered big. If it is well within the boundary of these two vertical lines then it is considered small. Otherwise it is considered normal size.

Big or Small Mouth
Big or Small Mouth

While on the subject of the mouth, what do the thickness of the upper and lower lips signify. In Chinese face reading, the upper lip govern compassion. A person with thick upper lip is more willing to help others and can empathize better with those they deal with. A person with thin upper lip, on the other hand, do not express their feelings well, lack empathy and can be mistaken as uncaring or cruel.


What about the lower lip? It governs sexual desire. Thick lower lip suggest strong sexual desire while a thinner one suggest the opposite.

Are Your Eyebrows Far Apart?

In Chinese face reading, eyebrows that are far apart suggest open mindedness while narrow set eyebrows suggest a close and revengeful mindset.

But how open is open? Or how close is close.

The eyebrows are wide apart if two or more fingers can fit within the space between the eyebrows. Two fingers is considered wide enough while three is considered very wide. One finger space or less is considered narrow. 

Wide or Narrow Set Eyebrow
Wide or Narrow Set Eyebrow

What about the Eyes?

Eyes that are set closed together suggest focus and concentration. Those with such close set eyes are also less tolerant but have better concentration. They are more comfortable working on one task at a time and can focus on it for a longer period.

Wide or Narrow Set Eyes
Wide or Narrow Set Eyes

On the others hand, those with wide set eyes belong to someone who is more tolerant. They cannot focus for too long on a single task and are more comfortable handle many tasks at the same time that do not require a lot of concentration.

But how close is considered close?

This time we measure the width of each eye. First measure the width of one eye. Then compare the space between the eyes. If the space within the eyes is equal to or more that the width of an eye then it is considered wide. If the space between the eyes is less that the wide an eye, then it is considered narrow.

Now the Forehead

A high forehead suggest intelligence. If the forehead is fleshy and without any bums or dents or marks, and wide, it suggest good luck with career, support from parents and likely good travel or migration luck.

But how high is high?

The fingers come into play again. If the space between the hairline (before it starts receding) and the top of the eyebrow is three or more finger width high, it is considered high. Two or less is considered low and suggest poor luck with career and lack of support from parents.

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Do you have a Good Pair of Ears?

In Chinese Face Reading, the ears denotes a person’s luck between the ages of 1 and 15. The forehead on the other hand denotes a person’s luck between the ages of 15 and 30. Therefore a good pair of ears and a good forehead suggest good luck in the early years before 30.

But what is a good pair of ears? What constitute a good forehead?

In Chinese face reading, a good ear is one where the outer and inner ridges are properly formed. The ears should also be larger rather than smaller. Very small ears and improperly formed ridges suggest misfortune at young age.

Pointy ears suggest emotional trauma that is likely caused by the parents e.g. divorce while chipped ears and thin ears (with little or no ridges) also suggest emotional disturbance at a young age that may caused problems later in life.

The ears should also be a lighter shade than the face. Ears that are darker than the face suggest illness or emotional issues that again may have an effect later in life.

Ears should also be set high on the face, as high or higher than the eyebrows. It suggest intelligence and attaining success and fame at a young age. It also suggest good health and obedience.

The ancient Chinese also prefer ears that stick to the head rather than protruding (like Mickey Mouse) as it suggest a conformist character that is easier to bring up.

Finally it is better to have ears that are softer rather than harder.

But what about the forehead?

The forehead governs a person’s luck between the ages of 15 and 30. A good forehead is one that is high and wide that is free from blemishes. It suggest intelligence, success in study and a good career.

A low set forehead, narrow forehead, scarred forehead or one with bumps or lumps is considered bad and brings bad luck, challenges and obstacles between 15 and 30.

The eyebrows, eyes, nose and cheeks denotes a person’s luck between the ages of 30 and 50.

A good pair of eyebrows is one that is orderly, not broken and not too sparse or too thick. Sparse eyebrows or one that is too thick suggest difficulties in relationships.

Eyes should be symmetrical and balanced. They should not be too large or too small. The eyes is a window into the soul and therefore should be spirited or appear to have energy. Bad eyes suggest fluctuating luck, and problems with career and relationship challenges.

The cheeks should not protrude too much or appear sunken. Excessively protruding cheeks suggest a dominating personality while sunken cheeks suggest and overly passive character.

The philtrum, mouth, lips and chin denotes a person’s luck between the ages 50 and 70. The philtrum should be long and clearly defined. It suggest an energetic personality. Lips should not be too thick or thin and while the mouth should be not too small or large. A small mouth suggest a introverted personality while a large mouth suggest the opposite.

What about the chin and jaws? A good chin is one that is broad, fleshy and round. It suggest prosperity and support from family and friends. A sharp pointy chin is not favourable and suggest loneliness at old age.

So now you know. Get a mirror and check out you face!

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Chinese Face Reading or Mian Xiang

In Chinese, Mian is face while Xiang is appearance. Together it is known as Chinese Face Reading.

Mian Xiang has a history that goes back to the time of Huang Di or the Yellow Emperor (2700 – 2150 BC). It was used together with other techniques such as pulse analysis etc as a diagnostic tool in Chinese medicine.

Beside medicine, it was also developed as a tool to interpret a person’s character and traits, his destiny, fortune and luck throughout his life.

The shape, structure and features on the face can reveal a lot of information about that person and this documented in many ancient texts on Mian Xiang. For example someone with a high, broad and unblemished forehead is likely to go far in his career. At a more advance level it includes moles, speech, gestures, facial expressions etc.

Other cultures such as the ancient Greek and Indians have also developed face reading. It is however mostly limited to reading character and traits.

Chinese face reading used in ancient times for selecting suitable candidates for Imperial positions. It was not uncommon in those days for people to not have accurate birth records. Trying to determine the candidate’s ability and destiny using astrology is not possible without accurate birth records. Also while birth data can be faked to exaggerate the candidate’s ability and destiny, the face cannot!

Nowadays some large Chinese owned corporation still make use of face reading when selecting top executives. For example someone with a good nose and cheeks will have the good luck between the ages of 41 to 50. And the selected candidate’s good luck will translate to gains for the corporation.

In the old days of arranged marriages the task of selecting a suitable wife for the son falls in the hands of the parents. Mother-in-laws are known to use face reading to select suitable wife/wives who can bring good fortune to their sons. Daughters with “Prosper Husband Benefit Children” facial features are highly sought after!

It is very common for potential Chinese business partners to ask each others for their date and time of birth to assess compatibility and business luck. However if you are not familiar with person or he comes from a different culture it can be awkward to do so. Mian Xiang can be a very effective non-intrusive analysis tool.

Acquiring the ability to read someone’s face is an invaluable skill. We are often required to size up a person and form a conclusion after a single meeting. Having the skill allows you to gain quickly an insight about the person and make informed decisions.

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What about Face Shapes?

This article is extracted from a free Face Reading e-book that I wrote a while ago.

Take a good look at the faces of the people around you. Do you see that they come in different shapes?

Some are rounded like a ball. Others may be square or oval and yet some may look like an inverted triangle, broader at the forehead and pointed at the chin.

Not every face will fit into the categories that I have described above. Some may look like a mixture of round and square and so on.

Chinese face reading text has a 5 faces and a more complex 10 faces classification. In this e-booklet I will introduce you to the 5 faces classification.

There is a pervasive principle in Chinese metaphysics called the Five Elements. I will not explain the principles behind the Five Elements but it is suffice to know that the elements are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

Each of these elements has a set of characteristics. For example Metal is oval and stands for righteousness and decision making, while Wood is rectangular and is associated with kindness, growth and learning and so on.

Wood Face

The first shape that I am going to introduce to you is the Wood Face. This face has a strong and broad forehead that tapers all the way to the chin like and inverted triangle. Please refer to the diagram on the right.

A tall and broad forehead indicates intelligence while a tapered and small chin indicates lower physical motive. People with such face shape tend to be deep thinkers, philosophical, have strong good analytical skills and a strong desire to acquire knowledge. Generally they do not like menial outdoor jobs.

People with Wood faces are highly suited for ‘thinking’ jobs like scientist, researcher, corporate strategist, advisers etc.

One weakness of wood face people is that they do not often spend enough time thinking about money and have the tendency to face financial problems in old age. Take a look at yourself in the mirror. If you have a wood face, you might want to put some money in property or other investments!

Water Face

The next shape that I would like to introduce to you is the Water face. The water face is rounded, wider in the middle and rounded at both the top and bottom. Please refer to the diagram on the right.

Water is associated with intelligence, diplomacy, adaptability and relationship. They also have strong business acumen and can take advantage of opportunities that come along.

Water face people are most suited to jobs that require interaction such as public relations officers, sales professionals etc. Or they can be good businessmen.

One weakness of water face people is the tendency to take too long to make decisions and others may view them to be slow. Another weakness of water face people is food and we know what too much good food can do to us!

Metal face

Next is the Metal Face which is sort of oval as shown in the diagram below.

Metal face people tend to have a whiter complexion. They have a sense of righteousness and justice and are very good in decision making. They are also elegant and courteous and they make natural managers or diplomats.

People with metal faces are suited for positions that involve justice and decision making such as judges, management professionals, diplomats etc.

Earth Face

The Square or Earth shape face represents someone who is stable, reliable and trustworthy. They are down to earth and are unlikely to take unnecessary risk, instead preferring to tread the beaten and proven path. They are also doers with strong will power.

Earth face people are suitable for jobs that require trust such as finance and insurance. They are also likely to end us as industrialist.

One weakness of Earth face people is the tendency to be too conservative and others may view them as not forward minded enough or worst label them a ‘Square’!

Fire Face

Finally we have the Triangle or Fire face. As the shape implies the face is pointed at the top but with a dominant flared out chin.

Fire face people are usually extroverted and have an aggressive style. They tend to be gregarious with a fun personality and are people oriented.

They are suitable for jobs that require an audience where they can utilize their best qualities. They made good speakers, network marketers, presenters etc.

Fire represents beauty and elegance and fire face people are also suited for show business.

One weakness of fire face people is their temper. They need to keep them in check.

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