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Do you have a Good Pair of Ears?

In Chinese Face Reading, the ears denotes a person’s luck between the ages of 1 and 15. The forehead on the other hand denotes a person’s luck between the ages of 15 and 30. Therefore a good pair of ears and a good forehead suggest good luck in the early years before 30.

But what is a good pair of ears? What constitute a good forehead?

In Chinese face reading, a good ear is one where the outer and inner ridges are properly formed. The ears should also be larger rather than smaller. Very small ears and improperly formed ridges suggest misfortune at young age.

Pointy ears suggest emotional trauma that is likely caused by the parents e.g. divorce while chipped ears and thin ears (with little or no ridges) also suggest emotional disturbance at a young age that may caused problems later in life.

The ears should also be a lighter shade than the face. Ears that are darker than the face suggest illness or emotional issues that again may have an effect later in life.

Ears should also be set high on the face, as high or higher than the eyebrows. It suggest intelligence and attaining success and fame at a young age. It also suggest good health and obedience.

The ancient Chinese also prefer ears that stick to the head rather than protruding (like Mickey Mouse) as it suggest a conformist character that is easier to bring up.

Finally it is better to have ears that are softer rather than harder.

But what about the forehead?

The forehead governs a person’s luck between the ages of 15 and 30. A good forehead is one that is high and wide that is free from blemishes. It suggest intelligence, success in study and a good career.

A low set forehead, narrow forehead, scarred forehead or one with bumps or lumps is considered bad and brings bad luck, challenges and obstacles between 15 and 30.

The eyebrows, eyes, nose and cheeks denotes a person’s luck between the ages of 30 and 50.

A good pair of eyebrows is one that is orderly, not broken and not too sparse or too thick. Sparse eyebrows or one that is too thick suggest difficulties in relationships.

Eyes should be symmetrical and balanced. They should not be too large or too small. The eyes is a window into the soul and therefore should be spirited or appear to have energy. Bad eyes suggest fluctuating luck, and problems with career and relationship challenges.

The cheeks should not protrude too much or appear sunken. Excessively protruding cheeks suggest a dominating personality while sunken cheeks suggest and overly passive character.

The philtrum, mouth, lips and chin denotes a person’s luck between the ages 50 and 70. The philtrum should be long and clearly defined. It suggest an energetic personality. Lips should not be too thick or thin and while the mouth should be not too small or large. A small mouth suggest a introverted personality while a large mouth suggest the opposite.

What about the chin and jaws? A good chin is one that is broad, fleshy and round. It suggest prosperity and support from family and friends. A sharp pointy chin is not favourable and suggest loneliness at old age.

So now you know. Get a mirror and check out you face!

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