Do you Have a Big Mouth?

In Chinese face reading, a big mouth suggest a extroverted personality while a small mouth belongs to an introvert.

So how big is big? Or how small is small?

The answer lies in the diagram below. The two vertical lines through the centre of the iris act as a guide. If the width of the mouth exceeds the boundary of these two vertical lines, then the mouth is considered big. If it is well within the boundary of these two vertical lines then it is considered small. Otherwise it is considered normal size.

Big or Small Mouth
Big or Small Mouth

While on the subject of the mouth, what do the thickness of the upper and lower lips signify. In Chinese face reading, the upper lip govern compassion. A person with thick upper lip is more willing to help others and can empathize better with those they deal with. A person with thin upper lip, on the other hand, do not express their feelings well, lack empathy and can be mistaken as uncaring or cruel.


What about the lower lip? It governs sexual desire. Thick lower lip suggest strong sexual desire while a thinner one suggest the opposite.

Are Your Eyebrows Far Apart?

In Chinese face reading, eyebrows that are far apart suggest open mindedness while narrow set eyebrows suggest a close and revengeful mindset.

But how open is open? Or how close is close.

The eyebrows are wide apart if two or more fingers can fit within the space between the eyebrows. Two fingers is considered wide enough while three is considered very wide. One finger space or less is considered narrow. 

Wide or Narrow Set Eyebrow
Wide or Narrow Set Eyebrow

What about the Eyes?

Eyes that are set closed together suggest focus and concentration. Those with such close set eyes are also less tolerant but have better concentration. They are more comfortable working on one task at a time and can focus on it for a longer period.

Wide or Narrow Set Eyes
Wide or Narrow Set Eyes

On the others hand, those with wide set eyes belong to someone who is more tolerant. They cannot focus for too long on a single task and are more comfortable handle many tasks at the same time that do not require a lot of concentration.

But how close is considered close?

This time we measure the width of each eye. First measure the width of one eye. Then compare the space between the eyes. If the space within the eyes is equal to or more that the width of an eye then it is considered wide. If the space between the eyes is less that the wide an eye, then it is considered narrow.

Now the Forehead

A high forehead suggest intelligence. If the forehead is fleshy and without any bums or dents or marks, and wide, it suggest good luck with career, support from parents and likely good travel or migration luck.

But how high is high?

The fingers come into play again. If the space between the hairline (before it starts receding) and the top of the eyebrow is three or more finger width high, it is considered high. Two or less is considered low and suggest poor luck with career and lack of support from parents.

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