Feng Shui and your Love Life

Are there Feng Shui techniques to improve one’s love life? The answer is yes. In fact there are Feng Shui love techniques for increasing one’s opportunity and others for strengthening existing relationships.

Flower Vase
Flower Vase

A very popular Feng Shui love technique for increasing one’s opportunity is known as the peach blossom technique. This technique is used to increase the opportunity of meeting someone that you like. Like the real peach blossom flower that blooms only for a short time, this technique will help create the opportunities only. Like any other relationships, you will have to work hard to retain it.

Let me explain how you can put this Feng Shui love technique to work. The four sectors of N2, S2, E2 and W2 are known as the peach blossom sectors. You can locate these four sectors by simply placing a compass in the middle location of the house and reading the directions off the compass.

It is quite easy to locate the middle of your house (exclude garden and backyard) if it is square of rectangular. For other geometric shape, you should take out your high school mathematics book for reference!

After you have located the four sectors you need to find out your Chinese astrology animal sign. You can do this by referring to the Chinese zodiac chart.

Your peach blossom sector depends on your animal sign. If you are a Monkey, Rat or Dragon, your peach blossom sector is W2. If you are a Pig, Rabbit or Goat, your peach blossom sector is N2. For the Tiger, Horse and Dog it is the E2 sector. Finally for the Snake, Rooster and Ox it is the S2 sector. Now that you know your peach blossom sector, you must activate it to work for you. There are many ways to activate it but the most popular way is by placing fresh cut flowers in a vase of water in the designated peach blossom sector. You will of course need to replace the flowers with fresh ones every few days.

Before you implement this Feng Shui love, you must make sure that there are no other married members of household that belong to your group. For example if you are a Snake and your dad is an Ox, activating the peach blossom sector (S2) can potentially his opportunities too which is not something that you mum would be too happy about!

So what you do you in such a situation? The answer is to place the flowers in the peach blossom sector of your room (instead of the house).

Does this work all the time? I would be misleading you if I tell you that this is a sure-fire method. Other factors such as your destiny, luck cycle etc will affect the outcome. Nevertheless, this technique has shown remarkable results in many cases and if nothing is working for you, why not give this a try?

Once you have found someone that you like, you should stop activating your peach blossom sector by removing the vase and flowers. Meeting additional potential suitors while you are in a steady relationship is not such a good thing, or is it? I will leave that to you.

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