Feng Shui and Health

Feng Shui is usually associated with improving prosperity, health and relationship. But how does it work to improve health?


Feng Shui is a Chinese metaphysics discipline that study how mankind is affected for better or for worse by the surroundings. Our forefathers advise us to live and work in areas that are filled with lively ‘qi’. They believe that certain locations and environmental conditions generate life giving ‘qi’ which they call ‘sheng qi’ or living ‘qi’ while other locations and environmental conditions generate ‘sha qi’ or ‘killing qi’ that is detrimental to our well being.

Since ‘qi’ cannot be seen with the naked eye, they left behind rules to help us find such places. ‘Sheng Qi’ for example is found in places that have lush greenery and thriving fauna. Mountain and hill ranges are also highly favoured as they carrier of such strong ‘sheng qi’. This presence of clean, slow moving water such as a meandering river is also highly favoured as water is a known accumulator of such ‘sheng qi’. In addition the wind should be gentle, warm and moist.

Other the other hand, dry, sandy or rocky terrain and the absence of fauna indicated the presence of life destroying ‘sha qi’. A straight fast moving river as well a strong dry and cool winds generate ‘sha qi’ which is detrimental to life!

In addition to the environment, they want their homes to be designed in such as way that ‘sheng qi’ to circulate thoroughly within.

They also advise us to look out for and stay away or ‘block’ the undesirable energies from structures that ‘attack’ the premises. These include high-tension pylon and radio base stations that are known to emit less than desirable electromagnetic waves.

From the above, we can clearly see how Feng Shui is associated with better health. In addition to what appears to be logical and scientific, there are also practices that are geared towards good health but appear to lack a scientific basis. Nevertheless such techniques have been employed for over a thousand years and appear to be effective.

One such technique is the use of sleeping and sitting directions. In the Eight Mansions system, we have four favourable and four unfavourable directions which are determined by our date of birth. One of the favourable directions is known as the Tian Yi or Heavenly Doctor direction. For centuries, practitioners have advised their ill health clients to sleep in their Tian Yi direction with apparently effective results.

So, do you see the connection of Feng Shui with health?

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