Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

What colour should I paint my bedroom?

Personally, I do not think that Feng Shui bedroom colours make a significant contribution to the overall Feng Shui quality of your home or offices. Other factors such as the form and ‘qi’ distribution, water techniques etc play a more significant role.

There are many Feng Shui schools of thoughts about the colours to use in a bedroom. One school advocates the use of the colours represented by the Lou Shu. For example the north sector will benefit from the colour blue, south with red, east and south east with green etc. The result however can be an interior designer’s nightmare!

Another school employ the useful colour based on your Ba Zi or Four Pillars chart. For example if you are weak or lacking in the wood element, then you will benefit from the use of the colour green which represents wood. By the same token the shape of items in the room such as picture frame, alarm clock etc should also have a rectangular shape to signify the wood element.

Yet another school of thoughts looks at Ba Gua. In the later heaven arrangement the west sector is metal and represents the young girl. In the five elements relationship cycle, wood exhausts metal. Therefore one should not paint the west sector in green. Violating this rule may create problem for the young girl who sleeps in this room!

In my practice I am particularly careful with the use of the colour red. When the room has the auspicious earth energy represented by the number 8, it is okay to use the colour red, as there is a producing relationship between fire and earth.

However when the inauspicious earth energy of 2 and/or 5 is present, you should avoid using red at all cost as the colour red representing fire will enhance the inauspicious stars and may bring misfortune to the occupants. In general if you do not use the services of a professional consultant, you should be careful about using red!

So, what colours should one use? In the absence of professional advice, I would advocate the use of safe Feng Shui bedroom colours such as white or cream or shades of light pastel. Better to be safe than sorry.

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