The Water Fountain in Feng Shui

Feng Shui literally means wind water. It is an ancient Chinese study of how mankind is affected for better or for worse by the surroundings. With Shui or water as a component of its name, it should not surprise anyone that water has a significant role in this metaphysics study.

Water Fountain
Water Fountain

According to an ancient Chinese Feng Shui sage, ‘qi’ (or life giving energy) is dispersed by the wind and accumulates near water. The ideal Feng Shui location is one with an abundance of lively ‘qi’. It should have hills at the back, to the left and right to protect the ‘qi’ from being blown away by strong winds. And there should be a river or lake in front to help retain this life giving ‘qi’.

This clearly implies that that life giving ‘qi’ can be retained by water.

It is quite common for Feng Shui practitioners to advise their clients to place water features such as a water fountain or aquarium within and surrounding the house.

These locations are specially selected based on Feng Shui formulas and there are usually areas with auspicious qi. Placing water features such as fountains helps to retain as well as activate the ‘qi’ in these areas.

There are very specific rules regarding the placement of such water features. Putting them in the wrong location may bring dire consequences. If you do not plan to use the services of a practitioner, you may wish to consider buying portable water features which can be easily move from one place to another just in case it is required!

The ‘qi’ distribution in a house depends on the facing direction of the house as well as the year that it was completed. It is not possible to cover every permutation. Instead I am going to give you a generic suggestion that is applicable for most houses between the period from now and 2024. These auspicious locations are the South-West and East sectors of the house. Try not to place them in the North-East sector.

In addition to the placement, the direction of flow is also important. An upward water flow is acceptable. But if you have to choose between an outward or inward flow, choose the later as an inwards flow towards the centre of the house symbolizes an inflow of wealth while an outward flow symbolizes the opposite!

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