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Chinese Zodiac Snake


The Snake is the sixth in the cycle of the 12 zodiacs or horoscope signs in the Chinese animal astrology system. It is associated with the earthly branch Si which is associated with the 4th month and between the hours of 9 A.M. and 11 A.M.


The Snake is cool, quiet and reserved. However what really defines the Snake is their intelligence and wisdom. They are able to understand situations clearly and logically and make good judgement on people. They are also kind, sensitive, amenable and incisive and can form trusting and long term friendship. Snakes are good planners and will work hard to achieve their goals.

Snakes enjoy the quiet life preferring thinking, reading and peaceful evenings at home to parties. Snakes are caring and protective and jealously guard the things or people who are close to them. Even if they have an affair outside marriage, they will cling on to their relationship with their spouse.

Snakes have a sense of humour, are romantic and very attractive to the opposite sex. They are often the centre of attraction at a party. They can however be easily drawn to affairs out side of marriage.

Be wary when dealing with Snakes. They can be revengeful if offended.


The Snake is more compatible with the Rooster, Ox and Monkey and less compatible with the Pig.

Suitable Career

They are suitable in careers as teachers, psychologist, entrepreneurs, politician or in advisory positions.

Practical Advice

The Snake should trust their judgement, be patient and take the honest route to achieving their goals. Avoid friendship with corrupt or amoral people. They should treat everyone with respect regardless of their position.

They should not be distressed by difficulties when achieving their goals yet should face reality if the dream is impossible.

Snakes should take care of their health. Rest whenever they feel tried and avoid late nights which are bad for their health.

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Chinese Zodiac Dragon


The Dragon is the fifth in the cycle of the 12 zodiacs or horoscope signs in the Chinese animal astrology system. It is associated with the earthly branch Chen which is associated with the 3rd month and among the hours of 7 A.M. and 9 A.M.


Dragons have strong character. They are energetic, authoritative, incisive, dignified and confident. People are easily influenced and impressed by their sensible conversation and advice. They have a warm heart, and are willing to work hard to achieve their ambitions.

They are lucky in your endeavours. Their life is likely to be comfortable and never short of anything. They will be successful in most careers.

However the Dragons are also difficult to predict. They can be obstinate and selfish and may be difficult to deal with at a personal level. They consider themselves better than others, like to give orders but find it difficult to take orders from others.

They have a quick temper and very proud, sometimes verging on the arrogant.

Dragons do not face many romantic difficulties. They fall in love easily. Love is like a game. They are easily bored and can move from one partner to another.


The Dragon is more compatible with the Rat, Monkey and Rooster and less compatible with the Dog.

Suitable Career

You are suitable for most careers and especially in the arts, politics and commerce.

Practical Advice

The Dragon should learn to control their temper to avoid causing trouble. Be patience with those around you. It pays to listen to those around you. Do not be too obstinate. Give others the benefit of the doubt.

Although success comes more easily to the Dragon, it still requires patience and hard work. Be decisive, set high goals and do not procrastinate.

Finally take regular exercise.

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Chinese Zodiac Rabbit


The Rabbit is the fourth in the cycle of the 12 zodiacs or horoscope signs in the Chinese animal astrology system. It is associated with the earthly branch Mao which is associated with the 2nd month and among the hours of 5 A.M. and 7 A.M.


Rabbits have a gentle appearance and have a youthful and energetic outlook. The Rabbit is a good diplomat and can create a sociable, comfortable and happy atmosphere for those around them. They are peacemakers and dislike arguments and quarrels.

They are also artistic, elegant, generous and kind-hearted. The Rabbit is not competitive and likes to leave the troubles of their everyday like behind them. They are sympathetic and ready to help who are in need. The Chinese say that they are like a lotus growing above dirty ground. Their life tends to be tranquil and stable because they are quiet and forgiving.

The Rabbit is quick to react and likes to execute their plans without delay. While they have the strength and energy and fortune to be successful, it pays to plan more carefully and calmly and not rush into things or have too many plans.

While they are always attentive to the needs or those around them and offer help to others when needed, they themselves keep their emotions well hidden and do not expect others to help when they are in distress.


The Rabbit is more compatible with the Goat, Pig and Dog and less compatible with the Rooster.

Suitable Career

They are suited to a legal career or to a career in the diplomacy or public relations. Rabbits are also suited in a literary or artistic career.

Practical Advice

The Rabbit will benefit by being more open with their emotions and not be afraid to ask for help when needed. They should also plan carefully and not become overstretched by getting involved in too many projects. They should approach their work seriously and gradually.

The Rabbit should learn to relax and approach their romantic life sensibly.

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Chinese Zodiac Tiger


The Tiger is the third in the cycle of the 12 zodiacs or horoscope signs in the Chinese animal astrology system. It is associated with the earthly branch Yin which is associated with the 1st month and among the hours of 3 A.M. and 5 A.M.


The Chinese has a saying that the tiger lives in the forest, a thousand miles from town. Likewise the Tiger likes to be independent and always on the move. They are good natural leaders, optimistic with a strong will to win and a positive attitude to life. They are big picture people and do not argue over minor matters.

The Tiger likes challenges and have the intelligence to deal wisely with them. They can grasp every auspicious opportunity and challenge and can bounce readily from failure.

On the minus side, Tigers tend to be suspicious, cautious, selfish and critical. They can be obstinate, often reject others’ opinion and rarely obey orders.
They are also proud and very afraid of losing face!

Many people respect the Tiger for their intelligence, caution and courage but not necessarily always like them!

Although the tiger is an emotional character, they can approach relationships carelessly, in haste and can be inconsiderate. Their speech often does not reflect their emotion. They are also easily bored and can wander from one partner to the next.


The Tiger is more compatible with the Horse, Dog and Pig and less compatible with the Monkey.

Suitable Career

They are suited to a career as a soldier, policemen, politician, businessman or explorer.

Practical Advice

The Tiger will benefit by giving more respect to superiors and elders. They should approach others with sincerity and honesty and by kind and warm hearted with friends.

The Tiger should work diligently and all the while keeping their feet firmly on the ground. They should also be more open to others’ opinion, be more flexible and less obstinate.

They should also not push themselves too far too fast. Learn from mistakes and do not give up hope.

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Chinese Zodiac Ox


The Ox is the second in the cycle of the 12 zodiacs or horoscope signs in the Chinese animal astrology system. It is associated with the earthly branch Chou which is associated with the 12th month and among the hours of 1 A.M. and 3 A.M.


The Ox is very determined and once they have made a decision, they follow it through with dogged persistence. This can make them appear to be stubborn to those around them.

The Ox is pragmatic, strongly grounded, sincere and conservative. They have a good heart and are well respected. They are clear thinkers and have strong planning and organization skills. Though they are slow to take a decision, once taken are carried out swiftly and wholeheartedly followed through.

They appear calm but underneath are hot tempered and can be easily provoked. They have a gloomy outlook at life and easily see the suffering and bitterness around them. This can make them intolerant and prejudiced.

The Ox lacks social skills and combined with stubbornness and gloomy outlook at life, can be very hard to understand. Things will be better if they learn to be more open and accommodating.


They are more compatible with the Rooster, Snake and Rat and less compatible with the Goat (or Ram).

Suitable Career

Ox are suited to a career in medicine, the uniformed services, teaching as well as in farming. They should however avoid those that require diplomatic skills.

Practical Advice

The Ox will benefit by learning to be more patient, avoid losing their temper and not get involved in unreasonable argument. They should keep their emotions under control and learn to cultivate peace of mind.

They should not let their single mindedness in trying to achieving their goals affect their friendship with others. They should give more time to helping other people.
Success for the Ox does not come immediately. Think clearly, planning carefully, and pursue them with dogged determination and success will come from hard work built on strong foundation.

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Chinese Zodiac Rat


The Rat is the first in the cycle of the 12 zodiacs or horoscope signs in the Chinese animal astrology system. It is associated with the earthly branch Zi which is associated with the 11th month and among the hours of 11 P.M. and 1 A.M.


The Rat is highly intelligent and a survivor. Think of the fact that rats are found in every corner of the world!

The Rat is a polite and sociable. They are also gregarious, carefree and display a happy exterior. At a superficial level they know how to put others in a good mood and maintain a good social atmosphere.

However, although they make friends easily they do not form deep relationships. They have a discriminating and calculating nature. Rats expect to be treated fairly and equally and when they are cheated, they quickly take revenge. Rats are also miserly and would not pay more than their fair share of expenses even though they are happy to accept others’ generosity.

The good impression that they create initially is destroyed by their criticisms and pettiness.

The Rat is strong willed and persistent. Couple with their intelligence they can be successful in business. They are very sharp and can assess situations correctly and take advantage of any available opportunity.

Although they can appear to be a trusting and forgiving business partner, they secretly distrust their associates. This makes business collaboration with rats a bit challenging.


They are more compatible with the Ox, Dragon and Monkey and less compatible with the Horse.

Suitable Career

Rats are suited to a career as a writer or musician as well a critic or accountant.

Practical Advice

The rat will benefit if they can learn to be more trusting and forgiving. They should try to establish better relationships with family, business associates and friends and remember to thank everyone who helps them.

They should also not be afraid to speak up if the situation demands it.

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The Chinese Zodiac

There is no correlation between the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac and the twelve signs of the Western Zodiac.

12 Animal Zodiac
12 Animal Zodiac

Western astrology is based upon a system which uses the path of the sun (and the moon and planets) through the heavens and look to the constellations (e.g. Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc) which lie along this path.

The Chinese system, on the other hand, focuses on Zi Wei or the Pole Star and the constellations which relate to it.

The Chinese system of time keeping is based on the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches forming a 60 year cycle. There are 10 sets of Heavenly Stems and 12 sets of Earthly Branches. The 10 Heavenly Stems have to be repeated 6 six times in order to match the 12 Earthly Branches which are repeated 5 times to give you sixty pairs of stems and branches.

The names of the year are taken from the pairs of Stems and Branch in the sixty year cycle. For example 1924 marks the start of the sixty year cycle and has the name of Jia Zi (Jia is the Stem and Zi the Branch). This cycle is repeated every sixty year.

Most of you are familiar with the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. They are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

The link between the animal signs and the sixty year cycle is made through the earthly branches. Each of the 12 Earthly Branches is linked to one of the twelve animals as shown below.

BranchesChinese CharacterAnimal

Each of the Heavenly Stems is associated with an element. Jia (甲) and Yi (乙) are associated with wood while Bing (丙) and Ding (丁) with fire. Wu (戊) and Ji (己) are associated with Earth while Geng (庚) and Xin (辛) with Metal. Lastly Ren (任) and Gui (癸) are associated with water.

Hence 1924 which carry the name Jia Zi is also known as a Wood Rat year since Jia is associated with wood while Zi is associated with the Rat. The following year Yi Chou and is a Wood Ox year since Yi is wood while Chou is link to the Ox. This Stem Branch pairing goes on to form a 60-year cycle.

The Chinese Lunar calendar year does not begin on the same day every year. It can fall somewhere between late January and late February of the Western or Gregorian calendar.

Click here to find out your Chinese zodiac using your date of birth.

People born under each of the animal sign will display characteristics related to the animal sign for example the tiger is fierce, the snake cunning while the dog is loyal.

These characteristics are further modified by the Stem. Take the Rat for example. You can be a Wood Rat (1924, 1984), Fire Rat (1936, 1996), Earth Rat (1948, 2008), Metal Rat (1960, 2020) or Water Rat (1972, 2032).

According to the Chinese zodiac, Rat people are highly adaptable. They are sociable, intelligent, polite and humorous. They make friends easily but do not form deep friendships. They have strong imagination, good judgment and can translate ideas into reality but underneath a carefree and happy exterior they can be calculating and miserly.

However not all Rats are equal. You are luckier if you are a Metal Rat (1960, 2020). You will be recognized, have support from friends and be prosperous and successful in your career. On the other hand if you are a Wood Rat (1924, 1984) you are likely to be plagued by illness and accidents and will not get support from relatives and friends.

The pairing of Stem and Branch is also extended to the month. For example the first lunar month is linked to the Branch Yin (tiger) and a corresponding Stem. This is extended to the day and time. For example the hour between 11 PM and 1 AM is link to the Branch Zi (Rat) and a corresponding stem.

These additional Stem and Branch pairs in the month, day and time of birth further modifies your luck. For example a person born in the first lunar month in a Wood Rat year (1924, 1984) is likely to be straightforward and can be independent and calm even under duress. If this person is also born during the between the hours 11 PM and 1 AM, then he or she may also be thrifty or even stingy.

For most people the Chinese zodiac is the animal sign of the year of birth. At a deeper level it can include the Stem of the year as well as the Stem and Branch pair of the month, day and hour of birth. They further influence the destiny and luck of the person.

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Chinese Astrology

There are many systems of Chinese Astrology that is used to tell a person’s character and traits as well as luck throughout his or her lifetime.

The most commonly known one is the 12 Animals Zodiac where you may be a pig, dog, rooster etc depending on your year of birth.

Under this system, your character is somewhat similar to the animal sign. For example, if you are born in the year of the rat, then you may be smart and cunning. If you are born in the year of the Ox then you may be hard working and stubborn like the ox and so on. In addition your fortune will fluctuate for better or for worst depending on the animal sign of the current year. For example the ox forms a combination with the snake and rooster as well as the rat. Hence Snake, Rooster and Rat are supposedly good for you.

If you carry out a study you will realize that this system is not always accurate. The primary reason is that this system is highly simplified as it only takes the animal (or earthly branch) sign into consideration.

More advanced systems of Chinese Astrology such as Ba Zi (Eight Characters or Four Pillars of Destiny) and Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology or Emperor Astrology) takes into consideration the month, day and time of birth as well and yield a much more accurate and individualized reading!

There are other comparable systems of Chinese Astrology but they are not as well known as Ba Zi of Zi Wei.

In addition to the 12 Animals Zodiac, there are two other simplified systems of Chinese Astrology that is found in the Tong Shu or Chinese Almanac. They are the Emperor’s Poem of the Four Season and Weight of Bones.

The Emperor’s Poem takes the season and hour of birth to give a reading in the form of a Poem. The Weight of Bones system assigns a weight to each of the year, month, day and hour of birth. The individual weights are added together and a reading is given for the combined weight. Heavier is better!

There are two popular Chinese Calendar system, one based on the moon called the Lunar Calendar and the other based on the sun, knows as the solar or Hsia Calendar. The systems mentioned above uses one of the above calendar system and you must be careful not be mix them up. For example Ba Zi and Emperor’s Poem uses the Chinese Solar Calendar while Zi Wei and Weight of Bones uses the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

What about the 12 Animals Zodiac? There is some disagreement but most practitioners use the Chinese Solar Calendar.

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Relationship Advise – Chinese Style

It is possible to assess the quality of a person’s lifetime spousal relationship by studying the birth chart.

In Zi Wei Dou Shu (a system of Chinese Astrology) for example we would do this by taking a peek at the Spouse palace, the forces within, those acting on it as well as the stars contained within.

But what can you do it the chart shows your spouse relationship luck to be less than favourable? Do not worry, help is on the way. Here is some relationship advice from the ancient Chinese.

Relationship Advice
Relationship Advice

Marry or establish a relationship at the right time. For example if the chart indicate a probable divorce if you marry before the age of 28, then you should marry later to avoid this destiny from manifesting.

Make sure there is a significant age difference. To the ancient Chinese, a poor pre-destined spouse relationship can be improved if we do not follow the norm. It is normal for the man to be a few years older than the wife.

Therefore to alter the spouse luck, a man should marry an older woman (at least a day older preferably much more) or a much younger wife (greater than 7 years preferably more).

Yet another relationship advise is to ensure a significant difference in status. This is another variation of not following the norm. Ensure that there is a significant difference in status. For example if the man is highly educated, the wife should have a lowly education or if the wife is wealthy, the man should be poor!

Or be the second One.  Unfavourable relationship luck implies that you will not be successful as the first wife or the legally recognized one. The ancient Chinese believe that you can have more success if you take up the role of the 2nd wife, mistress or one that is not legally recognized.

But what can a man with poor spouse luck do? He can marry a widow or a divorcee! He can marry someone from a different culture. This is yet another variation of not following the norm. For example if you are Chinese, you can marry an Indian, Malay or a Caucasian person.

There you have it. You see, all is not lost even if your spouse luck is poor!

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Chinese Astrology Compatibility

The Chinese believed that those who are born four years apart are more compatible than those who are born six year apart. Do you know why?

The believe that our character traits are influenced by our year of birth. For example those who are born in the year of the rat are supposed to be intelligence but suspicious while those who are born in the year of the horse are generous and wants freedom. Also based on our year of birth we are imbued with certain characteristics that make us more of less compatible with those born under certain animal sign.

Chinese Astrology Compatibility Set


The Chinese people believe that the Monkey, Rat and Dragon form a Chinese Astrology compatibility set. They have characteristics traits that make them more compatible with each other. The other compatibility sets are the Snake, Rooster and Ox, the Pig, Rabbit and Goat and the Tiger, Horse and Dog. If you look at the year of birth you see that they are four years apart. For example those born in 1964 are Rats, 1968 are Dragons and 1972 are Monkeys!

The Rat on the other hand is supposedly less compatible with the Horse. They form an incompatible set. The other incompatible sets are between Ox and Goat, Tiger and Monkey, Rabbit and Rooster, Dragon and Dog and between the Snake and Pig. If you examine the year of birth you will notice that they are six year apart!

The compatibility tools that you find on the Internet are generally based on the above mentioned principles of combinations and clashes. Some others incorporate even more combinations and clashes rules that I have not mentioned into their algorithm but I hope you are getting the idea.

What if you and your spouse form an incompatible set? Do not lose much sleep over it. Did you notice that I used the word ‘supposedly’ many times? In practice our character is also heavily influenced by the month, day and hour of birth which are not taken into consideration in the Chinese animal horoscope described above. While most Rats are intelligent but highly strung, Therefore it is entirely possible for a Rat person to display some characteristics of other animals!

In my practice, I have seen many supposedly incompatible sets of husbands and wives. They are still together after many years of marriage and some of them quite happily!

I suppose love plays a part too.

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