Relationship Advise – Chinese Style

It is possible to assess the quality of a person’s lifetime spousal relationship by studying the birth chart.

In Zi Wei Dou Shu (a system of Chinese Astrology) for example we would do this by taking a peek at the Spouse palace, the forces within, those acting on it as well as the stars contained within.

But what can you do it the chart shows your spouse relationship luck to be less than favourable? Do not worry, help is on the way. Here is some relationship advice from the ancient Chinese.

Relationship Advice
Relationship Advice

Marry or establish a relationship at the right time. For example if the chart indicate a probable divorce if you marry before the age of 28, then you should marry later to avoid this destiny from manifesting.

Make sure there is a significant age difference. To the ancient Chinese, a poor pre-destined spouse relationship can be improved if we do not follow the norm. It is normal for the man to be a few years older than the wife.

Therefore to alter the spouse luck, a man should marry an older woman (at least a day older preferably much more) or a much younger wife (greater than 7 years preferably more).

Yet another relationship advise is to ensure a significant difference in status. This is another variation of not following the norm. Ensure that there is a significant difference in status. For example if the man is highly educated, the wife should have a lowly education or if the wife is wealthy, the man should be poor!

Or be the second One.  Unfavourable relationship luck implies that you will not be successful as the first wife or the legally recognized one. The ancient Chinese believe that you can have more success if you take up the role of the 2nd wife, mistress or one that is not legally recognized.

But what can a man with poor spouse luck do? He can marry a widow or a divorcee! He can marry someone from a different culture. This is yet another variation of not following the norm. For example if you are Chinese, you can marry an Indian, Malay or a Caucasian person.

There you have it. You see, all is not lost even if your spouse luck is poor!

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