Chinese Zodiac Ox


The Ox is the second in the cycle of the 12 zodiacs or horoscope signs in the Chinese animal astrology system. It is associated with the earthly branch Chou which is associated with the 12th month and among the hours of 1 A.M. and 3 A.M.


The Ox is very determined and once they have made a decision, they follow it through with dogged persistence. This can make them appear to be stubborn to those around them.

The Ox is pragmatic, strongly grounded, sincere and conservative. They have a good heart and are well respected. They are clear thinkers and have strong planning and organization skills. Though they are slow to take a decision, once taken are carried out swiftly and wholeheartedly followed through.

They appear calm but underneath are hot tempered and can be easily provoked. They have a gloomy outlook at life and easily see the suffering and bitterness around them. This can make them intolerant and prejudiced.

The Ox lacks social skills and combined with stubbornness and gloomy outlook at life, can be very hard to understand. Things will be better if they learn to be more open and accommodating.


They are more compatible with the Rooster, Snake and Rat and less compatible with the Goat (or Ram).

Suitable Career

Ox are suited to a career in medicine, the uniformed services, teaching as well as in farming. They should however avoid those that require diplomatic skills.

Practical Advice

The Ox will benefit by learning to be more patient, avoid losing their temper and not get involved in unreasonable argument. They should keep their emotions under control and learn to cultivate peace of mind.

They should not let their single mindedness in trying to achieving their goals affect their friendship with others. They should give more time to helping other people.
Success for the Ox does not come immediately. Think clearly, planning carefully, and pursue them with dogged determination and success will come from hard work built on strong foundation.

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