Chinese Zodiac Dragon


The Dragon is the fifth in the cycle of the 12 zodiacs or horoscope signs in the Chinese animal astrology system. It is associated with the earthly branch Chen which is associated with the 3rd month and among the hours of 7 A.M. and 9 A.M.


Dragons have strong character. They are energetic, authoritative, incisive, dignified and confident. People are easily influenced and impressed by their sensible conversation and advice. They have a warm heart, and are willing to work hard to achieve their ambitions.

They are lucky in your endeavours. Their life is likely to be comfortable and never short of anything. They will be successful in most careers.

However the Dragons are also difficult to predict. They can be obstinate and selfish and may be difficult to deal with at a personal level. They consider themselves better than others, like to give orders but find it difficult to take orders from others.

They have a quick temper and very proud, sometimes verging on the arrogant.

Dragons do not face many romantic difficulties. They fall in love easily. Love is like a game. They are easily bored and can move from one partner to another.


The Dragon is more compatible with the Rat, Monkey and Rooster and less compatible with the Dog.

Suitable Career

You are suitable for most careers and especially in the arts, politics and commerce.

Practical Advice

The Dragon should learn to control their temper to avoid causing trouble. Be patience with those around you. It pays to listen to those around you. Do not be too obstinate. Give others the benefit of the doubt.

Although success comes more easily to the Dragon, it still requires patience and hard work. Be decisive, set high goals and do not procrastinate.

Finally take regular exercise.

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