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Four Pillars and Me

by Master Peter Leung

I don’t even remember how many 4P charts or ZWDS charts I have spent hours staring at.

The past 10 years, I have focused my research mainly on personality analysis and health. Most of the time we don’t know who we are and we don’t know our loved ones. Through four pillars studies, I learned to accept the uniqueness of each individual, the natal 4P chart gives us the basic personalities and characters, the basic personality may be affected by the 10 year luck period and annual luck period. We may see people behave differently, or personalities change from time to time.

A lot of family feuds, divorces and human conflicts are often caused by misunderstandings and personal ego. A wife or husband may try to change the other into his/her mirror image; a mother may try to clone her kids into herself. We, as human, refuse to accept that we are born different. If we try to change others by force, we are looking for a fight, we can only try to understand others better, know ourselves better, change ourselves and accept others if we want to live in harmony.

Knowing our strengths will allow us to utilize them to benefit us in life. Knowing our weaknesses will allow us to work on them, to remind us of them, or to mask them.

Knowing our luck periods will allow us to make the right move at the right time and to lay low during bad luck periods, so we can save our ammunition for the coming good luck.

If we can find out what may be the organs that can most affect our individual health, it’s possible for us to look into preventive medicine at birth for each individual, or it’ll be easier for us to tackle illness by dealing with the organs that may be the root cause.

Knowing the different deities and their specific characteristics might help us to understand criminal behaviours and might help police investigations in crime or to prevent someone from committing a crime.

There are many, many different areas for us to use 4P knowledge, it should be used in a more positive ways to improve our life and society, not as a prediction of when we’re going to get rich etc.., if you are destined to be rich, you will be rich anyway.

We have spent far too much time trying to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of a chart, the useful god, the useful elements etc.., to me these are only one of the many layers of 4P. 90% of people get stuck in these aspects and get confused and give up learning 4P. It’s very important to learn all of these aspects, but it’s not everything in 4P.

I use the deities and the past luck periods to verify what is good and what is bad. If a deity is favourable certain areas of our life will be affected in a positive way, if it’s unfavourable, certain areas of our life will be affected in a negative way. Different deities represent different events. Learning the deities in details can help to understand 4P better.

There are many, many things we can see from a chart without looking into all those confused theories.

I have studied 4P for almost 30 years now, I’m still learning, I’m continually amazed by what I have learned.

Sharing knowledge is the only way to help others to learn, I’m grateful to a lot of 4P professionals who have shared their experiences and knowledge, that’s the only way to take 4P to the next level to benefit humankind.

(Article kind courtesy of Master Peter Leung)

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Four Pillars of Destiny (aka Eight Characters)

Ba Zi is a system of Chinese astrology that can foretell a person’s destiny and life path. In this system, a person’s date and time of birth is expressed as eight characters comprising of four heavenly stems and four earthly branches (which equals eight characters).

Ba Zi literally means ‘eight characters’ in Chinese.

Each component of a person’s date and time of birth namely the year, month, date and hours are expressed as a set comprising of a heavenly stem on top of an earthly branch. The result is four columns of two characters each. This explains why Ba Zi is also known as the Four Pillars of Destiny.

Four Pillars
Four Pillars

An experienced practitioner can reveal a lot of your destiny by simply evaluating your Eight Characters. However to determine your life path or luck cycle, the eight characters are read in conjunction with a additional set of pillars 6-7 pillars, each of which represents a decade in your life. They are called Decade Luck Pillars.

In addition each of the earthly branches of the Four Pillars can be represented by between 1-3 stem equivalents that may or may not be explicitly written down. They are called the Hidden Stems.

The Eight Characters, Hidden Stems and Decade Luck Pillars form the components of a Ba Zi (of Four Pillars of Destiny) Chinese Astrology Chart.

The stem and branch that represents the day is called the Day Master. It represents the person and is the most important component. It is compared with the other pillars, hidden stems and decade luck pillars to reveal a person destiny and luck cycle.

You can download a free Ba Zi software charter at

You should not confuse this with the year pillar which is commonly used to determine your yearly animal zodiac sign. Example whether you are a tiger, horse, dog etc. The heavenly stem of the year pillars determine your year element. For example if you are born in Geng Xu year then you are a Metal Dog as Geng belongs to the metal element while Xu is dog.

For more information on the stems and branches.

Ba Zi uses the Chinese Solar Calendar and it should not be confused with the Chinese Lunar Calendar which is used by other Chinese astrology systems such as Zi Wei Dou Shu or the Purple Star Astrology system.

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