What is a Heaven or Sky Chop Sha?

When a river meanders and the water flows slowly, it is called ‘sentimental water’. The auspicious ‘qi’ gathers and bring benefits to those who live around the area. However when water flows quickly especially in a straight path, it becomes a ‘sha’ or ‘killing’ force. ‘Qi’ disperses and instead of bringing benefit, it can be detrimental to those living in the area.

The same applied to ‘qi’ that is in the air. When it flows slowing and circulate within the house, the occupants benefits. This is one of the reasons why Feng Shui practitioners do not like houses with the front and back door in a line. When air rushes into a house and makes a quick exit, the occupants do not benefit and the air becomes a ‘sha’. This is one of the reasons why Feng Shui practitioners do not recommend buying a house at the top of a hill. Such houses are often exposed to high speed winds.

When the walls of two buildings face each other in close proximity, air that flows in-between the wall faces accelerates due to the Venturi effect creating a ‘sha’ or ‘killing’ force. If your house is located close to and faces such a gap, the accelerated wind (or air) can rush into and ‘attack’ the house. There is a name given to this kind of ‘sha’. It is called the Sky Chop or Heaven Kill sha!

In real life, a Sky Chop ‘sha’ can occur if your house faces the back lane or the gap between two rows of houses or shops. It can occur in apartments or condos. For example if your balcony faces the gap between two apartment blocks.

For the Sky Chop ‘sha’ to work, it must be near enough to your house or apartment to accelerate the wind that passes through it. If the gap created by two such building is wide or far away, you need not worry.

The best test is to stand in front of the house or balcony of your apartment at different times of the day and feel the breeze blowing at it. If the breeze is gentle, you have nothing to worry. But if the breeze is strong, then you may be exposed to the ‘Sky Chop Sha’!

How do you deal with this sha? You can slow down the wind by planting trees or by adjusting the windows. But most important of all, ensure that the internal design of the house allows the wind to circulate and slow down before existing from the back.

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