The Dreaded 2-5 Combo

The 2-5 or 5-2 combo is one of the more feared stars combination. Find out if it is really so fearful.

When Star 2 (aka Heavenly Doctor) is timely it signifies good health. It also signifies prosperity and wealth generate from property and land transactions. However when untimely it signify sickness.

When Star 5 is timely (during Period 5), it is beneficial and signifies high status and great wealth. However when untimely, it is highly inauspicious and signifies health problems, injuries, bankruptcy and even death.

In the current period 8, both star 2 and star 5 are not timely, their negative attribute surfaces and form a fearsome combination.

Star 2 represents the mother or oldest women in the household. Its element is earth and it also relates to the abdomen. When untimely it can bring illness especially to the women. Pregnant women especially (due to the abdomen) should be extra careful.

The general consensus is to avoid using the sector with the 2-5 stars combination for the main door, kitchen, bedrooms and other often used areas such as the living. Instead designate the sector/s for use as toilet or bath or as a store.

Both Star 2 and 5 are earth elements and a popular cure is to place metal in that sector to weaken the inauspicious earth energies. Earth produce metal and is weakened in the process.

The north west and west sectors (based on the Lou Shu) are associated with the metal element. Therefore if the 2-5 combo appears in the north west or west palaces, the negative characteristics of the 2-5 combo can be reduced by the Lou Shu elements of these sector. This is another example of metal weakening star 2 and 5.

Actually we should not be too fearful or paranoid of the the 2-5 combo. By itself it is not very harmful but when afflicted by external “Sha Qi” or agitators it can turn harmful. “Sha Qi” can be in the form of natural land form (e.g. rocky mountain) or man made structures (e.g. high tension cables or T junction). A good example of a agitator is a T junction directly in the from of the main door (or mouth of qi).

Nevertheless it is best to play it safe and avoid it wherever possible as ancient ancient text did suggest that the 5-2 and 2-5 combo can create widows and widowers!

While on the star 5, I would like to touch on the annual star 5. It depreciates the quality of the stars in any palace that it falls into. If possible you should avoid using that palace for important activities (e,g, bedroom) in that year.

More importantly you should avoid ground breaking or major renovation works in that sector. Violating it can result in life threatening events and financial losses.

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17 thoughts on “The Dreaded 2-5 Combo”

  1. Hi,

    Our kitchen is currently on 5-2 sectors. We are planning to do a major renovation, the kitchen will be demolished and will become part of a garden.

    The last statement of this article say:

    “More importantly you should avoid ground breaking or major renovation works in that sector. Violating it can result in life threatening events and financial losses.”

    I am a true believer, I got lot of troubles since the last renovation (6 years ago). Did not know anything about fengshui since,

    Is there anything we can do to minimise the impact during and after the renovation.

    Hope you can help.

    1. I would recommend not renovating the 5-2 areas during years where the annual star 5 or 2 falls into the same sector. Otherwise you can minimize the impact by finding a highly auspicious date to start the renovation.

  2. If stars 2 and 5 is in the kitchen, can I used metal or aluminium kitchen cabinets to counter the bad effects of the 2 stars?

  3. What about period 9, would the 5 and 2 be timely?

    What does it mean to be

    We are in love with a north facing period 8 house and the dining room(which I might use for something else other than dining) is 2-5 and kitchen is 5-2…. what can be done to mediate the effects of those stars?

    1. Hi Lucy, in period 9 the stars 9, 1 and 2 are timely. In this context, timely means favorable or auspicious.

      In the current period 8, the 2 and 5 stars are not timely or not favorable. The way to moderate and reduce the negative effect of the 2 and 5 stars is to place metal decorative items in these area.

      In period 9, star 2 becomes auspicious and the areas become usable again.

      1. Hi! What do you mean when you say star 2 will become auspicious and usable in period 9? My kitchen has the base star 9, sitting star 2 and facing star 5. I know these combinations of stars are very bad and we experienced it. What will happen to these combination of stars in period 9?

  4. My teacher told me that the Direct Destructive or Weakening Cycle of Elements is:

    Water weakens -> Fire weakens –> Metal weakens -> Wood weakens –> Earth weakens –> Water.

    Since when Metal directly weakens Earth?

    1. By direct destructive, I believe you are referring to the “Destructive or Controlling Cycle”. In this cycle, Water weakens -> Fire weakens –> Metal weakens -> Wood weakens –> Earth weakens –> Water.

      In the “Productive or Producing Cycle”, water produce wood, wood produces fire, fire produces earth, the earth produces metal, etc”.

      Earth produces metal. In the process of producing metal, the earth is weakened. So we can also say that metal weakens earth!

      I hope this is helpful.

  5. Hi, thank you for this article.
    I have 25 in my kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are graphite gray and I purchased aluminum appliances (Fridge, Gas/Fire cooking etc.). I also chose a 6-ball ceiling light.
    What else can I add in order to cook/eat there safely?

  6. Hi! I have stars 2,5 in the kitchen in my natal chart. Unfortunately, my kitchen is in the NW. what should I do? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. Hi Fatima, check if the stove is in the NW sector of the house. If so, this is the “Fire at Heaven’s Gate” formation and it is not auspicious for the husband (who is likely to be the breadwinner). If you cannot relocate the kitchen, try to relocate the stove.

  7. The house I’m going to buy has stars 2 & 5 in the master bedroom. The house was built in 1995. Should I avoid buying the house all together or remedies eg metals can be applied to resolve the issue?

    1. Hi Celine, we usually recommend placing metal items to neutralize the bad energy. However, we are coming close to period 9 where the 2-star is auspicious. I think the decision whether to buy or not should also consider other factors. For example, if the house has very auspicious surrounding landforms and with a facing direction that is beneficial to you, then the 2 5 in your bedroom is acceptable. Just ensure that there is no “Sha” qi on the inside and outside of your bedroom.

  8. In period 9, my Palace in the west has a combo 2-2-7 (mountain-period-water). I know that a 2-star becomes auspicious in Period 9, and 7-star is inherited bad and untimely. What can be done to weaken a 7-red-metal star? To make things worse, the 5-yellow star will be the annual star for 2024 on the west side of my place. Is any remedy that can be done in this case?

    1. It depends on the purpose of the room. If it is the bedroom, then the mountain star matters. If it is an active area such as the door or living area, then the water star matters. If it is an active area, you may wish to place still water to weaken the number 7 star. Ideally, you should avoid using the area 5 annual star. However if you can not avoid it, then place metal items in the area.

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