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Unfortunately, too many “Feng Shui Consultants” believe that the perfect approach to take in order to attract love and happy relationships is to adjust the living environment by re-placing images of Lone Figures with pictures and paintings of happy couples, by creating cosy seating arrangements, by removing televisions out of bedrooms. My favourite advise is the one which says to down-size from a king size bed to a queen size bed. By analysing some of the advice it is very obvious, these so-called “Feng Shui professionals” all have one thing in common: This is called wishful thinking.

The art and science of Feng Shui is based on a complicated set of calculations based on the year of construction of a home, ones personal supporting directions, an exact 15 degree Compass reading as well as the individual floor plan we are dealing with. Replacing images of “lone figures” with “pictures of happy couples” will not do the trick. As we are only working with the Five Elements Earth, Water, Wood, Metal and Fire you can decide for yourself – Pictures do not belong to either one of the Five Elements! This could be very easily be compared to a PLACEBO. Placebos have a big impact on the subconscious, though should not be confused with the subject of Feng Shui.

Simply replacing images does not replace the need of a “Feng Shui Consultation” by an experienced “Feng Shui Consultant. A complete Feng Shui Reading will offer information if a home is good for people. If it is indeed “not so perfect for people” this could be one of the reasons why love is not as easy to achieve as one hopes for. This aspect plays an integral part which needs to be taken care of in order to be able to raise the chances of attract love.

Creating cosy seating arrangements are definitely an attractive interior design approach. Trying to make people believe and stating that single chairs send a message to prospective spouses to “Back Off” is a rather ridiculous statement. It has never crossed my mind before that anyone who has chairs situated in an angle to each other signals being ready for a relationship. Again, this also has nothing to do with the Feng Shui of a home.

Keeping television sets out of the bedroom is for sure a great idea since late night TV can indeed kill romance as well as magnetic interferences can stop you from having a rested good night sleep.

Downsizing from a King to a Queen bed also has nothing to do with Feng Shui. Many “Feng Shui Auditors” spread false information by giving advice that sleeping on an over-sized mattress does not promote intimacy, and instead by investing in a smaller, comfortable queen-sized bed it would easily help people to attract love and a good relationship. And as this explanation on Feng Shui remedies does not already offer enough irrational and false advice it is topped off by saying that if you simply can not make the change from a big king mattress to a small queen a person should also sleep on ‘patterned bed sheets’ in order to add some spice to their sex life. It is just out-right flabbergasting what kind of advice can be found on the internet and in most books. If sheets would have anything to do with the outcome of good sleep and good relationships in a bedroom the only thing we can suggest are the colours as they are related to the Five Elements Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal to be used in your bedroom after doing a “Feng Shui Audit” of your home.

Bio*: Michael Schnippering is Chief Executive Officer of Feng Shui at Work. Feng Shui at Work is an international company that provides Feng Shui Consultations worldwide.

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