The 1-4 Combination

Star 1 is water. Star 4 is wood. The 1-4 combination represent an auspicious water “grow” wood interaction. In the current period 8, star 1 is prosperous and a 1-4 combination is also prosperous since the positive quality of star 1 rubs off on star 4.

Star 1 is yang while star 4 is yin. A yin-yang combination is preferred as the effect is stable and lasting. This is as opposed to a 1-3 combination. While star 3 is also wood like star 4 it is yang resulting in a yang-yang combination. A yang-yang (or yin-yin) combination is unstable and its positive effect is short-lived, unstable and can be easily compromised.

Star 1 is associated with intelligence and status. Star 4 is associated with education. A 1-4 (or 4-1) combination associated with success via education. In ancient China public exams were conducted a various levels and scholars were recruited into the civil service. Becoming a public official is a also a means to wealth and status.

What happens when both star 1 and 4 are out of timing?

Star 1 is also associated with the kidney and genitalia. Star 4 is also associated with the wind (Xun gua). Hence an out of timing 1-4 combo (example in period 2) is associated with a lack of desire to study (or failure to pass an exam) or a loss of status (demotion). It can also mean a lack of direction or drifting (like the wind) and excessive sex.

The 1-4 or 4-1 combination can be strengthen with the correct land form. For example an unpolluted lake outside the 4-1 sector or a beautiful wood-like mountain outside a 1-4 sector will help to boost the sector. Actually a structure that represents wood e.g. pagoda or tall thin apartment block outside the 4-1 sector will also help to enhance the combo.

On the contrary, an ugly mountain or a stagnant polluted lake outside can lead to drifting aimlessly and excessive sex and drinking.

What else can one do to improve the situation?

The situation can be enhanced if the 1-4 or 4-1 combo resides in the south-east (Xun Gua sector also Loshu star 4) or in the north (Kan Gua sector also Loshu star 1). Or if the combo meets other star 1 or 4 (e.g. Annual stars).

Note: Unlike Flying Stars, the Purple White system considers the 1-4 combo to be useful even when the stars are out of timing, for example in period 5, 6 or 7.

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