Mountain and Water Star Combination 2-3

The two more important stars in a Flying Star chart are the Mountain and Water Stars. Practitioners would try to located the bedroom and bed in a sector with a current and auspicious mountain stars. And the main door and active areas in a sector with current and auspicious water star.

If these mountain and water stars are making you see stars, then I urge you to read this article on mountain and water stars first.

At a beginner level we can read these stars on their own. At a higher level we can read them in combination, for example, mountain star with water star, mountain star with period star, water star with period star and so on to give a more vivid picture. At a even higherlevel there is the three start combintaion, for example mountain star with water star and period star or water star with mountain star and current annual star.

In every period there are sets of combination that tend to appear more than others. For example in the current period of 8, you then to find the 8-8 combination, 9-7 or 7-9. 2-3 or 3-2, 2-5 or 5-2, 3-4 or 4-3 etc.

What do they mean?

In this and the following month’s articles, I will delve on these combinations starting with the 2-3 or 3-2 combination.

The 2-3 or 3-2 Combination

In Xuan Kong Flying Star, the combination of star 2 and star 3 is associated with disputes and litigation.

In the current period 8, star 8, star 9 and star 1 are in-timing. The rest that include star 2 and star 3 are out of timing and their negative attributes surfaces. Hence the disputes and litigation. In fact this 2-3 combination is often call the “Fighting Bull” sha.

During the period when star 2 and 3 are in-timing, for example in period 2, this prognosis is not valid.

Star 2 is associates with the Kun trigram and is in turn associated with the abdomen or skin.

Star 3 is wood element while Star 2 is earth element. There is a controlling relation where wood controls or attack earth.

Hence another interpretation for the stars 2-3 combo is stomach problems for example indigestion or a lack of appetite. Or skin problem.

Star 3 is associated with the Zhen trigram which in turn is associated with movement, sound and disturbances. Since star 2 represents earth and earthen structures e.g. mountains and buildings, a 2-3 clash combination of earth and movement can also imply landslides or earthquake resulting in damages to properties and loss of life.

A single combination can have multiple interpretations.

Let’s take it a little step further. Star 3 when in timing represents initiative, daring and bravery. But when out of timing it can mean being being a bully or terrorising others. Therefore a 2-3 combination can mean being beaten up or bullied, or hit by a car (movement). Maybe even strike by lighting (since Zhen is also Thunder)!

Despite the fearsome nature of the 2-3 combo, such unpleasant events are only likely to happen when activated by negative landforms or in conjunction with the arrival of inauspicious stars e.g. annual stars.

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