Gua Number

The concept of Gua number stems from the Feng Shui Eight Mansions system.

In this system, all of us have a Gua number that is dependent on our date of birth and sex. You can find out you Gua number by clicking on the link below.

In the Eight Mansions system, it is believed that we are imprinted with the energy of the time of our birth. Based on your ‘imprint’, certain directions are favourable and others are not. This ‘imprint’ is expressed as our Gua number.

How do we make use of this Gua number?

You should sleeping and sit facing the directions that are favourable to you. Suppose you are a male with the Gua number 7. Your favourable directions are NW, SW, NE and W.

Therefore you should sleep with the crown of your head pointed towards one of these directions. For sitting the point of reference is different. Instead of using the crown of your head, you should use your face. It is simply the direction that your face is facing when seated!

If you look at the Gua number carefully, you will notice that there are meanings attached to each of the favourable and unfavourable direction. For a Gua number 7 person, NW is his prosperity direction, SW is health and so on. How do we use them?

The simple answer is this. If you are aspiring for more money, for a promotion or better business, then you should try to face the Sheng Qi (Living Qi) or Prosperity direction.

If you health is not so great, then try the Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor) or Health direction. If your social life is in a doldrums or you lack good people interaction skills, you should try to face your Nian Yen or Relationship direction.

Finally if you have everything that you need and just want a peaceful, uneventful life, then try the Fu Wei or Stability direction!

In the Eight Mansions system, the house also has a Gua number which is determined by the sitting direction of the house. There are favourable and unfavourable sectors. For maximum effect with the Eight Mansions system, you should not just face your favourable directions but also locate yourself in a favourable sector.

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