Feng Shui Bedroom Design

If you look at the design of houses in olden days China, you will notice that the toilets are located external to the house.

However in these modern times, the toilet is not only located within house but in many designs, there is one ‘within’ the bedroom as in attached or en-suite designs. However after decades of use, it appears that the toilet is not as harmful as we are led to believe.

Nevertheless there are a few Feng Shui Bedroom Design rules regarding the toilet that we should to follow. They are:-

The toilet door should not open to the bed. Ideally the toilet door should be located at the side. If the room is big enough your can place a free standing screen to block the toilet (door) from the bed.
The toilet door should ideally be closed all the time. Installing an automatic door closer will help greatly.
The bed should not share a common wall with the toilet/bath. The walls are porous and over a long period the water from the bath can seep through the walls. If your bed is located at the other side of the wall, the excess moisture can affect your health.

In addition to those linked to the toilet, there are a few more Feng Shui Bedroom Design rules that you should observe. There are:-

The head of the bed should be placed against a solid wall for support. Do not place it against a window as you will not only lack support but your health may be affected by the cold draft from the outside!
Watch out for overhead beams cutting across your bed (lengthwise or otherwise!). Over the long term these beams can cause health problems.

The ceiling should also be level. Sloping ceilings can create emotion related problems.

Also ensure that lighting fixtures, fans and air-conditioners are not installed over your head or any parts of the bed.

Finally, do you need to tie a rock to the feet of the bed (to prevent your spouse from running away?). To be honest I do not know. I have not been taught this by any of my Feng Shui masters. And I have personally not tried it!

But this should not stop you from trying. It is only an inexpensive rock and if this can save your relationship, I think it is worth every pound or kilogram! Do let me know if it works for you.

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