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There are many things to consider in the internal arrangement of a home. Three things however stand out as more important than others and should be address first. They are the location and orientation of the main door followed by the location of the kitchen, the position and orientation of the stove and finally the selection of bedrooms and the placement of the beds within the rooms.


Selecting the right Feng Shui bedroom, placing and orientating the bed correctly contributes greatly to the overall Feng Shui. Unlike the kitchen which is normally limited to one or two in each household, we usually have a choice of bedrooms. There are formulas to ascertain the most suitable Feng Shui bedroom for each member of the family. These formulas requires a fair bit of explanation and I will not cover it in this article. Instead I will focus on the placement and orientation of the bed within bedroom.

It is good practice to place the head of the bed against a wall for support. If you must, you can also place the bed-head against a window but be sure to have a thick curtain to simulate support. Another rule is the head of the bed should not share a common wall with the toilet.

But which wall should I place the bed against?

Both the Flying Star and Eight Mansions system have their own method to select the best position and orientation of the bed. The Flying Star method requires a fair bit of explanation and can be quite complicating. In the article, I will share with you the Eight Mansion method which is much easier to understand and apply.

The suitable position and orientation of the bed is derived from a person’s Kua. Click on the link below to find out your Kua and auspicious directions.

Please note that your Kua is dependent on your date of birth and sex. Take note of your kua and your four auspicious directions.

For example if you have a Kua of 8, then your auspicious directions and sectors are SW, NW, W and NE.

In the next article you will find Feng Shui bedroom information on how to place and orientate your bed.

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