Feng Shui Bed Placement

This article is about Feng Shui bed placement.

The diagram below shows a bedroom which has the windows at the NW, door at SE and the toilet in the N and NE sector of the room.

Sectors in a Bedroom
Sectors in a Bedroom

Now let’s assume that your Kua is 8. Your auspicious directions and sectors are SW, NW, W and NE.

Based on the Eight Mansions formula, you should place the Feng Shui bed in the auspicious sectors of NW, SW, NE and W.

However you cannot use the NE sector as it is occupied by the toilet.

Thus your left with only the NW, SW and W sectors.

As a Kua 8 person your auspicious directions are SW, NW, W and NE. If you look at the diagram below, you will see that you should not place in bed in the NW sector with the bed pointed NW because there is a window there.

Bed in Sectors
Bed in Sectors

Your remaining options are

1) Bed in the SW sector with the head of the bed pointing SW
2) Bed in the W sector with the head of the bed pointing SW
3) Bed in the W sector with the head of the bed pointing NW

Getting the hang of it of Feng Shui bed placement?

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