The Concept of Luck Cycles

The ancient Chinese believe that our path in life is largely influence by destiny luck and periodic luck cycles. By what is destiny luck and what are periodic Chinese luck cycles?

To the Chinese, destiny luck is something that you are born with or pre-destined. It is imbued in you at birth. For example you may have the gift of the gap which makes you highly suited for certain professions like TV presenter, speaker or lecturer. Yet others may have strong career luck but average wealth luck making more suited for top jobs in large corporation rather than starting and running a business.

Like destiny luck, luck cycles are also pre-destined or predictable. Unless western thinking, it does not happen by chance. An astrologer, using your date and time of birth can tell when certain aspects of your luck such as career, wealth, relationship and health will be strong or weak.

A strong luck cycle can compensate for wealth destiny luck but only in that cycle. For example while a person with weak wealth destiny luck is not suited for business, he can still be very successful starting and running his own business during periods when his luck cycle (especially in wealth) is strong.

It is much like an ordinary car. Even though top acceleration is not strong and road holding mediocre, it can still reach a very high speed if the road is smooth, wide, straight and free of obstacles.

On the other hand someone with strong wealth destiny luck can still face major problems with his business or wealth during periods when his luck cycle (for wealth) is weak. It is like a performance car (strong destiny luck) driven over bad bumpy and winding roads that is choked full of traffic (weak luck cycle). Yu just cannot go fast even with all the power under the hood.

Luck cycles are divided into big limits and small limits. Big limits usually cover a period of 10 years while small limits cover a period of a year. As you would expect, the luck of big limits has more significance than small limits.

The big limit luck cycle do not necessarily begin at age one. Instead it can begin anyway from age 1 to age 10 depending on the system of astrology that you employ and the time and date. For example for one person the big limit Chinese luck cycle may be from 1 to 10 while for others it may be from 2 to 11, 3 to 12, 4 to 13 etc.

Between destiny luck and big limit luck cycle. Which has a more significant influence? The answer is destiny luck. A person with strong destiny luck (for career), will be easily successful in his career even without really trying hard. While his career may stagnate or take a turn for the worse during a weak luck cycle, he is likely to bounce back when in a strong or moderate luck cycle returns.

This is not the case for someone with weak career destiny luck. During a strong luck cycle he may do exceptionally when in his career but it will be poor again during the next weak or moderate luck cycle.

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