Chinese Zodiac Dog


The Dog is the eleventh animal in the cycle of the 12 zodiacs or horoscope signs in the Chinese animal astrology system. It is associated with the earthly branch Xu which is associated with the 9th month and between the hours of 7 P.M. and 9 P.M.


Like the animal counterpart, those who are born in the year of the Dog is trusting and can be a loyal companion. They are kind, honest, determined and always ready to help others. The dog is also alert, sensitive, responsible, and keep a cool head in times of distress. Dogs are good listeners and people trust them naturally.
They treat promises seriously will fulfil it regardless of the difficulties involved. Clearly, they will never betray a friend.

Dogs however can be obstinate and too critical. They cannot help noticing and commenting on other people’s weakness. They tend to be pessimistic and dislike crowded places. They also dislike traditional customs and can be very emotional. They also have difficulty in expressing their emotions and often appear moody and unsettled.

Although a Dog makes a loyal and honest partner, they lack confidence and this can cause love problems. They tend to be hesitant and are likely to marry a friend whom they have had long and trusting relationship.


They are more compatible with the Rabbit, Tiger and Horse and less compatible with the Dragon.

Suitable Career

Dogs are suited to a career as a politician, educator, businessman, doctor, judge, in the uniformed service or as a writer.

Practical Advice

The Dog should learn to be more confident and to express themselves better. They should clarify misunderstandings immediately and correct mistakes that they have made.

Be patient when dealing with others especially when younger or less experience people come to you for help. Give yourself time to consider a situation before deciding on the best course of action. And abide with your decisions.

Bank on your strength. Be loyal and honest with others. Be respectful and polite to your superiors and seniors and never be greedy. Success will come your way.

Finally try not to be too critical.

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