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Feng Shui Quality of a House

In Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star) Feng Shui, the energy distribution of a house or it’s “qi” map is derived from the facing (the direction that receives the most yang energy) and period of the house.

The “qi” map identifies the auspicious and inauspicious sectors of a house. We can then make informed decision on the optimal location of the main door, bedroom, kitchen and other living or working spaces based on the map.

The resulting “qi” map also characterizes the quality of the house. For example a south 2/3 facing house (172.5 to 202.5 degrees) of the current period (Period 8) is called Double Facing. In Chinese it is called “Prosper Wealth but not Prosper Descendants”. Such a south facing house will improve the wealth luck of the occupants but not necessarily the descendent luck. Descendent luck translates to good health and relationships.

On the other hand a north 2/3 facing house (352.5 to 22.5 degrees) in the current period is called Double Sitting. In Chinese it is called “Prosper Descendent but not Prosper Wealth”. It is the opposite of a south facing house and it enhances the occupant’s descendent luck, meaning health and relationships, but not necessarily wealth luck.

The facing is however only part if the story. The sitting and facing of these houses must of free of naturally occurring landforms and man-made structures that generate “sha qi” or killing force. If “sha qi” is present and close enough, the auspiciousness of these houses are destroyed.

In addition to the absence of “sha qi”, the house should be surrounded by complementary landforms. For example a “Prosper Wealth”, S2/3 facing house should have “water” at the facing direction of the house. Water can be real like a clean lake or slow flowing river or not, like an open field or playground at the same level of the house or lower. The correct land form amplifies the auspiciousness of the house which in the case is wealth luck.

For a N2/3 “Prosper Descendent” house, there should be mountain at the back or sitting side of the house. Mountain can be real, with lush vegetation or pseudo, like an elevated land or plenty of tall trees. Again when mountain is present at the sitting the descendent luck is enhanced.

What if the south facing house immediately faces a mountain? Or a north facing house has a lake nearby at the sitting side? When this happens or when matched with the opposite type of landform, the auspiciousness of the house is destroyed. The wealth luck of a south facing house is deprecated while the descendent luck of a north facing house is deprecated as well.

In addition to S2/3 period 8 houses, W2/3, N1 and E1 houses are also called “Double Facing” and enhance the wealth of the occupants. And in addition to N2/3 houses, those that face E2/3, S1 and W1 are “Double Sitting” enhances the descendants (meaning health and relationships) of the occupants.

Period 8 houses that face SW1, NW2/3, NE1, and SE2/3 are known as “Prosperous Water Prosper Mountain” or in layman terms good for wealth and good for descendants. However they are only effective if they have good water at the facing and good mountain at the sitting. When these conditions are met, occupants can expect good wealth and descendent luck.

However if such houses have a “mountain” in front and near enough and “water” at the back (sitting) and near enough, then all is lost. The house wealth and descendent luck is greatly depreciated!

This brings me to period 8 houses that face NW1, SE1, SW2/3 and NE2/3. These houses are called “Going up the Mountain and Falling into Water”. Many consider them unfavorable as it also translates into “No Wealth and No Descendent luck”. This is not necessarily true. It depends on the landforms at the facing and sitting. If there is water in front and mountain at the back, then it is unfavorable. However if the reverse is true, meaning mountain in front and water at the back, then it is quite acceptable!

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