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Indirect (or Unexpected) Wealth

Have you wondered why some people appear to have better luck at betting and constantly winning at contests? There are frequently the top prize winners in lucky draw events and are even likely to gain an unexpected inheritance from a long lost uncle?

Have you also wondered why you too seem to possess such indirect wealth luck but only for brief periods in your life?

In the study of destiny analysis, the ancient Chinese observed that many of those with such luck have a certain format or structure in the life chart. For example in the destiny system of Zi Wei Dou Shu, it is the appearance of the Tan Lang (Greedy Wolf) and Huo Xing (Fire Star) in the fate constellation (early heaven) that makes the difference. It can also be the Fu De (Mental) court emitting flow enhancer to the Wealth court.


This kind of wealth is different from Direct (or Proper) Wealth which is wealth that is create through hard work either as an employee or a business owner. Indirect wealth is something that happens without much effect and in most cases unexpectedly.

Does it mean that if you do not have such a structure or formation, then you are not so lucky? The answer is both yes and no.

If the combination do not appear in your fate constellation (early heaven) but appear during certain decades or years (luck cycle) in your life, you can expect better luck during those decades or years. Of course the strength of this combination is not as strong as if it appears in the fate constellation.

If you do not have such a combination in your fate constellation and/or during your luck cycles, does it mean that you should refrain from putting your money in bets or gambling?

Our ancient forefathers seem to think so. What do you think?

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