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Door Facing Direction

In the previous article we discussed house sitting and facing.

Door Facing
Door Facing

In this article we will focus on the front door facing. Please refer to the diagram. This house is the same as the one in the previous article except that the main door facing is now East instead of South. The facing of the sitting and facing of the house is still North and South respectively and the qi distribution remains unchanged..

In the Flying Star system the Feng Shui front door facing usually matches the house facing.

In the Eight Mansions system however the direction of the front door can be totally different from the facing. Let take the example of the house on the right. Let’s say that the house owner is a East group person with Kua number 9. His best ‘Sheng Qi’ direction is East. Living in a North Sitting (East Group) house is fine for him. His main door can face either South, South East or East which are his good directions (South West and West cannot be used because they are his bad directions). In this example he has chosen to orientate his main door to face East because it is his best direction!

You may notice that the toilet is in a wrong sector but that is a story for another day!

Identifying the sitting and facing for landed properties like town houses and detached houses is quite easy to do. The same however cannot be said about apartments and condominium. Trying to identify their sitting and facing can often be a nightmare.

To be fair, apartments and condominium are a new phenomenon. They did not exist during olden times and hence there are not many documented case studies for practitioners to rely on.

Like many other studies, Feng Shui is evolving and many of the observations that current practitioners make will become the basis for future generations to refine.

I will discuss apartments and condominiums facing as well as their front door facing in later articles.

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