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Death and Emptiness Lines

Homes and offices should not directly face north (0 degrees) or east (90 degrees) or south (180 degrees) or west (270 degrees).

They are a class of orientations called the “Death and Emptiness Lines” which we should avoid as it can result in inauspicious consequences for the occupants.


In theory, a degree or so to the right or left is sufficient to escape the dreaded lines. In practice, if it is necessary to change the facing, we would tilt a few degrees (say plus minus 3 degrees) to be on the safe side.

While such orientations are not suitable for homes and offices, they are perfectly acceptable for places of worship.

In the Xuan Kong system of Feng Shui, properties can have one of 24 facing directions, also known as mountains. Please refer to the 24 mountains diagram. It is inauspicious if the facing direction of a property lies exactly between two mountains, for example between N3 and NE1 or between NE1 and NE2.

The “qi” that enters such a property is confused and the occupants will suffer.

The energy distribution chart for say N3 and NE3 in any period is quite different and it is not difficult to understand why the “qi” is confused. What about those that sits in-between the boundary between the adjacent mountains 2 & 3, for example N2 & N3 or NE2 & NE3? While their energy chart is the same, sitting on the boundary is still inauspicious, though not as serious as say between N3 and NE1.

What is the consequence of sitting on the boundary?

The confused qi will cause occupants to suffer in both people related matters such as health and relationship as well as wealth related matters such as career and money.

Ancient text talk about spiritual being entering the house, deserting the family, having to live on charity and having bad dreams.

The modern interpretation is that the confused qi cause occupants to becoming emotionally unstable (hence seeing ghost and bad dreams) and thinking and acting irresponsibly (such as deserting the family).

So how does one rectify the problem of sitting on a “Death and Emptiness Line”? It depends very much on the type of the property. If possible we recommend the house owner carry out renovation works to change the facing of the property by a few degrees.

While this is the best option, it is difficult to do and can be costly to implement. The other option is to change the facing of the “mouth of qi” into the house. This is usually (those not always the case) the main door. Tilting the door and door frame is a more cost effective solution and is a more practical solution.

What are the lessons learnt? Avoid a “Death and Emptiness Line” unless you want to see ghost!

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