Dreams Dictionary 2

Here is Part 2 of the Chinese Dreams Dictionary.

Dreams Interpretation
Talking to god Sign of prosperity and fame
Corpse rising from the coffin Sign of wealth
Seeing your ancestors Major good sign
Vomiting Recover from illness
Conversing with a  goddess Birth of a son
Fighting with ghost Longevity
Your own wedding Separation or divorce
Separating from your siblings Rumors and gossip
Learning to read Sign of wealth and fame
You or someone else dies Sign of god luck
Female genitals Rumors and gossip
Your wife is pregnant She is having an affair
Washing hands, feet or hair You will recover from a disease
Eating cooked meat Good sign
Eating raw meet Bad sign
Broken mirror Separation from a love one
Having sex with a women Mishap
Yourself naked Major good luck
Women hitting each other You will fall sick
Sibling hitting each other Major good sign
Playing flute and drums Happy event
Killing a pig Major good sign
Killing a lamb Major bad sign
Insulted by someone Sign of wealth
Peacock Major good sign
Riding fast on a horse Good sign
Riding slow on a lame horse Bad sign
Snake turning into a dragon Help from powerful people
Centipede biting someone Longevity
Bear Birth of a son
Cat catching a rat Extra income
Women drawing a knife Birth of a son
Knife falling on the ground Money loss
Your clothes suddenly ripped off Your spouse is planning to cheat on you!
Bright mirror Good sign
Dark mirror Bad sign
Fireworks Your problem resolved
Weaving Longevity
Axe or scissor Sign of wealth
Fast boat or car Wealth and fame
Broken boat or car Bad luck
Wearing a new robe Second wife
Hot iron Luck events
Summer or spring Good sign
Autumn or winter Bad sign
Ringing bell Someone will visit
Someone returning money Recover from illness
Bronze coins Rumors and gossip
Parrot calling your name Rumors and gossip
Having sex with nuns (oops) Lose money

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