Chinese Marriage Traditions

The processes of an ancient Chinese marriage are encapsulated in a term called Three (3) Letters and Six (6) Etiquettes.

The Three Letters are the engagement, the delivery of gifts and the taking of the bride letter.

Wedding Ring
Wedding Ring

In ancient times, if a man is interested in a woman, he will engage a go-in between (an agent) to convey the message to the woman’s family. If the woman’s family finds him acceptable, they will notify him and he can make the proposal by delivering the formal letter of engagement on an auspicious date.

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The next step is to deliver wedding gifts to the woman’s family. These wedding gifts, usually expensive, are accompanied by the ‘Delivery of Gift’ letter which is essentially a list of items and quantity much like a delivery order! By signing this letter, it signifies acceptance of the marriage. It is also a way for the man to guard against pilferage by the delivery team!

The third letter is known as the Bride Taking Letter as it is the letter that the groom produces when he arrives at the bride’s home on the wedding day. Upon receiving the letter, the bride is considered to be taken (have left home) to become a member of the groom’s family. It is no wonder why the bride mothers weep uncontrollably on wedding days. It is like losing a daughter!

What then are the Six Etiquettes?

It refers to the six main processes in an ancient Chinese marriage. It includes the official proposal, the checking of Ba Zi, selection of auspicious date for the wedding, delivery of gifts, confirmation of wedding dates and finally the wedding itself.

Once the man has set his eyes on the girl, he sends an official proposal to the woman’s family. Once the proposal is accepted, he will seek the services of an astrologer to determine if they are compatible. Research will also be done to ensure that there is no blood relationship between them. At this stage the engagement can be called off if they are not compatible or if their blood line are somewhat connected.

The next step is the selection of auspicious date for wedding followed by followed by the delivery of gifts.

After the gifts are accepted, the woman’s family will seek an astrologer to check the auspiciousness of the proposed wedding. This followed by the six and final etiquette, the wedding itself.

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