Yin Yang Places

A busy highway is considered a very Yang location. A lonely deserted area is very Yin. In Feng Shui, it is not good to live near places that have excessive Yin or Yang energy. Yin Yang must be in balance. This is the reason why you should not buy a home that is facing or located very closed to a busy road.

There are other places with a strong Yin energies. These include places of worship, funerals homes, hospitals etc. As a rule you should not buy a house that is located very closed to them.

Power Plant
Power Plant

What about places with strong Yang energies such as power generation plants or substations, prisons, schools, petrol stations etc? The same rule applies. You should not buy a house that is located very closed to them.

A place with a balance of Yin Yang is ideal.

I would like to make a special mention of cemeteries which are Yin in nature. As cities expand, it is not surprising to find ourselves living very near to cemetery sites. The ancient Feng Shui practitioner do not encourage. They believe that the house of the living should be separated from the house of the dead!

There is another reason why we should not buy a house near a cemetery. As development encroach on their land is it quite possible that some of the coffins especially unmarked ones, are not exhumed and we may end up building a house over it.

This is a taboo and many stories have been told about the bad consequence of having a house built over a coffin!

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