Three Killings or San Sha

he Three Killings consists of the triple combo of Year ‘Sha’, Robbery ‘Sha’and Disaster ‘Sha’. The Year ‘Sha’ energy creates obstacles and set backs, the Robbery ‘Sha’ with money loss and the Disaster ‘Sha’ with accidents and calamities. The energies of Three Killings (San Sha) are directional and they afflict from the four cardinals of north, south, east and west depending on the year (more specifically the earthly branch of the year).

Tyre Puncture
Tyre Puncture

Each year, one cardinal direction of your house (or office) will fall under the influence of Three Killings. The span of influence of Three Killings is quite wide. For example when it comes from the north, it affects not just the north sector but also part of the neighbouring sectors of north west and north east. Mathematically it affects a sector span of 75 degrees.

If the area afflicted by Three Killings is a frequently used space such a bedroom or the main door, then you should reduce the effect of Three Killings by placing an appropriate cure in the area.

Let’s assume that your bedroom is in the north sector of the house. Let’s also assume that the Three Killing energies come from the north in that particular year. If you have space in the north outside your bedroom you can place some plants (or plant a tree) to negate the Three Killings.

Inside the room, you should place a small plant in the north sector of your bedroom. I know a lot has practitioners warn against having a plant in the room but this is an exception and a small indoor plant will not create any problem. The plant should be strengthen with a little water (still water like a glass) and metal e.g. six ancient Chinese coins.

From a Feng Shui perspective, you should not do any major renovation in the area affected by Three Killings as activating the area afflicted by Three Killings can activate the inauspicious effects of Three Killings to the detriment of the occupants of the household.

There is one exception. It is believe that activating a sector afflicted by Three Killings on some special days can actually bring the opposite effect i.e. smooth going and money luck. These are called ‘good san sha’ and are highly auspicious days during the periods when ‘san sha’ is weakest.

How do we know where is ‘san sha’ for a particular year?

Here is how. There are twelve earthly branches. Three branches form a combo, for example ‘Yin-Wu-Xu’, ‘Hai-Mao-Wei’, ‘Shen-Zi-Chen’ and ‘Si-You-Chou’. The branch in the middle of each combo namely ‘Wu’, ‘Mao’, ‘Zi’ and ‘You’ can be considered to be the leader of each combo.

Let’s take the example of 2007 which is ‘Ding Hai’ Year. ‘Hai’ is part of the ‘Hai-Mao-Wei’ combo with ‘Mao’ as the leader. Directly opposite ‘Mao’ is ‘You’ which is located in the west. Hence the Three Killings is located in the west in 2007.

Let’s take another example of 2008 which is ‘Wu Zi’ Year. ‘Zi’ is part of the ‘Shen-Zi-Chen’ combo and happens to the leader. Direction opposite ‘Zi’ is ‘Wu’ which is south. This is why Three Killings or ‘San Sha’ is in the south in 2008.

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