Remembering the Early & Late Heaven Bagua

It would expedite your learning of Chinese Metaphysics if you can remember the arrangement of the Early Heaven and Later Heaven arrangement of the Bagua.

Many Feng Shui systems such as the Eight Mansions and Xuan Kong Da Gua make use of the arrangements of the Bagua and knowing them helps greatly.

Bagua Arrangement
Bagua Arrangement

I learnt and memorize both the arrangements by rote. It is burnt or engraved in some parts of my brain.

It is however not the easiest way and thankfully help is available. A good friend of mine revealed his method of remembering the Later Heaven arrangement and I would like to share it with you.

Before getting into the method, I assume that you know the 8 Guas, their name and association. To recap, Qian is Heaven, Kun is Earth, Li is Fire, Kan is Water, Chen is Lightning, Dui is Muddy Field or Lake, Ken is Mountain while Xun is Wind.

Here goes. Remember this very short story. “From heaven comes rain which falls on the mountain. It is followed by thunder and strong wind. Then lightning strikes a tree which burns to the ground. The ashes mix with water to form a muddy field”.

How does this story relate to the Later Heaven Bagua?

First you need to commit to memory the position of Qian which is located in the North West. Then move a step at a time in the clockwise direction. Remember the story above, “From Heaven come rain”. The next gua is Kan (which also means water or rain).

The story continues, “Which falls on the mountain”. What is the next Gua? You have Ken which is Mountain. See?

“It is followed by Thunder and strong Wind”. What are the next two guas in a clockwise direction? It is Chen (represents Thunder) and Xun (which represents Wind).

“Then lighting strike a tree which burns to the ground”. Move clockwise another step and you have Li which is Fire (represents lightning). Move another step and you have Kun (represents earth or ground).

Finally, “ashes mix with water to form a muddy field”. Move yet another step clockwise and you find the Dui gua which is muddy field or lake.

You see how the story tells the position of the Gua of the Later Heaven arrangement as you move clockwise.

What about the Early Heaven arrangement?

No, I do not know of an easy method like the one above but I can share with you my rote method.

Here goes. Remember the sequence Qian, Dui, Li, Chen, Xun, Kan, Ken and Kun and the flight pattern shown on the right. Read it aloud 21 times every day for the next 21 days!

It works for me but if it still does not work for you, wait another 21 days and repeat the above again!

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