Feng Shui T-Junction Revisited

Most Feng Shui enthusiast knows that it is not favourable to live in a house that faces a T-junction. But why?

Normally on both side of the road leading to the intersection are trees or other houses which forms a channel. This channel acts as a guide that directs the wind (which contains ‘qi’) very quickly towards the house. To the ancient Feng Shui sages, slow moving ‘qi’ is auspicious while fast moving ‘qi’ is inauspicious and like a poison arrow or ‘sha’ that attacks the house.

T Junction
T Junction

Also when cars approach the T junction, they create a low pressure area behind them. The surrounding air rushes to fill them in the process creates an air stream that follows the cars. When the cars turn at the intersection of the T-junction, the air stream does not turn with the cars but instead continues on a straight course towards the house generating more ‘sha’.

As a general rule, it is not favourable to live in a house that faces a T-junction. There are however exceptions. If the traffic leading to the intersection is light or if the road leading to the intersection is short, then it is acceptable as the ‘sha’ or poison arrow generate is weak and unlikely to create much problem. Nevertheless if you have not purchase the house, it is better to but one that is not located at the T. At the very least, you will fetch a higher price when you sell the house later!

“But I made considerable progress with my career previously while I lived in a house that faced a T-junction”, a good friend of mine argued.

There are a number of reasons for this but let me offer one from the Flying Star School and applying the principle that the surrounding form activates the star. I will use the example of a period 7 house (built between 1984 and 2004) facing S1. The water (or wealth) star number 7 is located at the front.

During period 7 (between 1984 and 2004) the water star 7 is highly auspicious. It is further strengthened if there is water in front of the house. Water can be real like a lake or river or virtual like a field or lower ground. It is also represented by movement.

A T-junction in the front of the house is like water (movement) and it activate the auspicious water star of 7 thus bringing wealth (career also brings wealth) to the occupants.

However this can change with the passage of time. In the current period (8), the star number 7 is not longer auspicious. It fact it is linked to losses and injuries. Now instead of the traffic at the T-junction activating an auspicious star, now they are activating an inauspicious star with the potential to create losses – money and otherwise – and injuries. You can expect the luck of the occupants to take a turn for the worst.

This is another reason why you should avoid living in a house that is located at the T-junction. Or if you are currently living in one and enjoying good fortune, be sure to know when to get out! Or carry out major renovation to effect a change in the period of the house.

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