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Does a painting of horses in full flight placed in the living hall increase the vitality (and accomplishment and success) of the occupants? Maybe not but then again maybe yes. Let me explain my rational.


It is well acceptable that symbols, be it a picture or an ornament, has the power to influence the subconscious mind. In turn the subconscious can develop or change habits or feelings – for better or worse.

A picture of horses in full flight may indirectly increase the vitality of the occupants, just like how a picture of fruits – enhanced by a mirror- on the dining table can give the occupants a feeling of abundance.

However this is not classical Feng Shui.

But it should not stop you from using them especially if it fits the décor. The Chinese people have traditionally use pictures and ornaments to influence their fortune. This is reflected in traditional practice of auspicious writings and ornaments such as the Three Legged Frog, Victory Horse, Tortoise Carrying Treasure, Fu Lu Shou (God of Prosperity, Wealth and Longevity) etc.

Let me share a story with you. Years ago, I worked in a company that sells application software for the freight forwarding industry. The software which was developed in another country was not fully customized for the local market and it was a bit of a challenge to sell. The market was also not ready for computerization and decisions took a long time. In other words business could be better.

One day a relatively new staff commented that a picture of a winter scene that we hung in the general area could be the cause of the slow business. The picture showed a winter scene with plenty of snow, barren trees without any visible life form. Even though many of us do not think, it did not stop us from replacing it with an even larger picture of spring complete with lots of sunshine, a beautiful lake, people running round and plenty of vegetation.

Did business improve? No, not noticeably. However the staff was more optimistic and morale received a significant boost! Such is the power of suggestions.

Which brings me to the favourite question? Should the horses be running into the house or running out?

The general consensus is running in is better as running out imply the husband is always not at home! Frankly I do not understand why the husband and not the wife? From the Bagua the horse is associated with the Li Gua which in turn means the middle daughter or a woman. So it may well be the wife who is running out most of the time! Beware.

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