Feng Shui House Plan Design

I would love to provide you with the ideal Feng Shui house plan but it is difficult.


In the ideal Feng Shui house design we strive to place the most important parts of the house e.g. main door, kitchen and bedroom in the areas that are influence by auspicious qi and vice-versa.

Qi (both auspicious and inauspicious) comes from all directions and are influenced by many factors. For example in the Xuan Kong Flying Star system it is influenced by the house facing direction and the period (birth or re-birth) of the house. Since there are 16 directions and 9 periods, that is quite a number of plans!

What I can do instead is provide a few tips on Feng Shui house design and I hope that will serve as a general guide for a good Feng Shui house plan. Here goes.

Look for a house that is square or rectangle without any missing corners. For a rectangular design the house should be longer rather than wider and the ration should ideally be not more than 2:1. If the length of the house exceeds the width by 3:1, the house is considered too narrow and inauspicious.

The house should allow plenty of sunlight to get in and should be airy. If possible, it should have some of ‘air-well’ for better ventilation. Intermediate linked or town-houses that face north or south especially should have a design that allows sunlight (and air) to reach the middle of the house. Such houses do not have windows at the sides and the middle part of the house can get stuffy and gloomy!

If you can afford it, you should buy a house with plenty garden space. Plants are known as a generator or lively qi and you will benefit from having lots of plants in the house.

Internal beams in the house can create sha that affect the occupants of the house who sit or sleep under it. They are however indispensable in most design. Look for a house where the overhead beams are out of the way. You do not want to have an overhead beam over you main entrance door, your bed, where you sit e.g. living and dining, the stove or the altar.

The above are some tips for an ideal Feng Shui house plan design and I hope that you find them to be useful. As for the ideal Feng Shui house plan, hmm …. have you thought of using my Feng Shui Consultation services?

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