Feng Shui Bed Position Best Practices

Here are some Feng Shui bed position best practices to help you decide on the best way to position your bed in your bedroom.

A bed should always be supported.

The bed head should ideally rest against a solid wall.

It should not be place in the middle of a room or against a window as shown in the diagram.

If you have no choice but to place the bed head against a window make sure that the window is closed and curtains drawn when you go to bed.

Bed Position
Bed Position

It should also not be placed directly under an overhead beam. Move the bed to another location. If you are not able to position the bed so that it is not under a beam you should consider installing a false ceiling to diffuse the ‘sha’ generated by the beam.

Under Beam
Under Beam

The bed should also not be in the path of the bedroom door. The diagram shows the path of the bedroom door in red and the various positions of the bed that are in conflict with this guideline.

In line with Door
In line with Door

The bed should also not be in-line with the toilet door as shown below. The remedy is to relocate the toilet door as shown. If there is enough space you can place a screen – removable or fixed – to block the bed from the toilet.

Facing Toilet
Facing Toilet

In some apartments that I have consulted on, the room is so small that it is not possible to position the bed out of the path of the toilet door. Neither can you relocate the toilet door. In such a case, the only option left is to keep the toilet closed at all times.

The bed head or bed should not share a common wall with the toilet or bathroom for obvious reasons.

Once you have decided on the position of you bed, look up and find out what is directly upstairs. You should not find a toilet up there! Next look downstairs and find out what is below. A toilet downstairs is okay but a stove is a definite no!

I hope you find the Feng Shui bed position best practices useful.

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2 thoughts on “Feng Shui Bed Position Best Practices”

  1. My bed is positioned in the best spot possible with head supported by solid wall across from but not directly in the path of the bedroom door. The bathroom and closet doors do not cut paths across the bed. Unfortunately, a ceiling fan hangs above the edge of the foot of the bed. Currently I experience foot problems including frequent cramping, ingrowing toenails, and general foot achiness even in the morning when I first awaken. This is all new as of moving into my current address. I put little stickers of,birds in flight on the wooden fan blades to try to “lift” the fan (this was about a week ago) but have noticed no improvements as yet. Is there a better way to off-set the effect of the ceiling fan? ( I can’t paint or move/remove it.) Would hanging something from the pull chain help? Thank you in advance for any suggestions you can offer.

    1. I suggest your stop using the ceiling fan. If necessary use a floor or table fan. If after a few months the problem persist, uninstall the ceiling fan.

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