The 12 Day Officers Pt 2

The fourth in the list is the Balance Day. The Balance Day is suitable for activities that have a win-win outcome. It includes marriage, starting construction or commencing on a trip. It is also good for business negotiation and especially good if you do not have the upper hand. The day will help you to improve your position and achieve a balance outcome. However do not sue anyone on a balance day unless you think a balanced outcome acceptable!

Chinese Calendar
Chinese Calendar

The Stable Day, also known as the Set Day is day for activities where you want a set or long lasting outcome like marriage. It is also good for official openings, hiring key staff and seeking medical treatment that will result (or at least you hope) in a permanent cure. It is not suitable for funerals, burial and travelling for obvious reasons.

The next is Initiate Day. It is suitable for starting a new project, accepting assignments, opening business or starting renovation works. It is not suitable for travelling or moving as ‘initiate’ implies that the activity starts and never ends!

Destruction Day is next. This day is suitable for demolishing a building or structure. It is not suitable for most other activities.

The next day is the Danger Day. It is not suitable for most activities that have an element of danger e.g. commencing a journey, base jumping, bungee jumping, white water rafting on a grade 5 river etc. It is however suitable for religious activities and ground breaking.

The most positive of the 12 days is the Success Day. This day is imbue with positive energy and is suitable for most activities including burial! Success Day can be used for marriage, seeking medical treatment, construction and moving. However avoid breaking up and divorces as you do not want too much successes in these areas.

Next come Receive Day which is a day that you use to receive something. It is a good day to try to close a sale, ask for a raise (or inheritance!), request a big favour, learn something or propose marriage. It is also a good day to commence a course or start a job. It is not however suitable for burials or medical treatment.

The second last on the list is the Open Day. It is good for official openings, house warming, marriage and business functions. It is also a good day for commencing a course or to assume a new position but not suitable for burial or ground breaking.

The last in the list is the Close Day. It is generally speaking not a good day and you should not use it for any significant activity.

In practice a day is not selected based solely on the above 12 day cycle. Inauspicious days such as year and month breaker days and personal clash days are first marked out. Other inauspicious days such as the four diverse and extinct days and no wealth days are sometimes marked out too. Then days with positive ‘qi’ such as Yearly Virtuous and Wealth Days are given greater consideration. Finally the short-listed suitable days may be checked against Grandmaster Dong Superior Days and the 28 Constellations to arrive at a finer set of good days.

Different practitioners may place different emphasis on the selection criteria. It is thus not uncommon for two Feng Shui practitioners to arrive at different days for the same activity (although both are likely to be auspicious days).

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