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The Chinese have both a Lunar and a Solar Calendar which when combined together is also known as the Chinese Luni-Solar Calendar system.

The Lunar Calendar is based on the moon’s rotation around the earth while the Solar Calendar is based on the earth’s rotation around the sun.

You can get more information on the Chinese Calendars here.


Today most parts of the world use the western or Gregorian calendar system. The date of birth of most of us are also expressed the western calendar dates. This creates a lot of problems for Chinese astrology practitioners (and many others) as all systems of Chinese astrology are based on either the Chinese Lunar or Solar dates.

For example, Zi Wei Dou Shu, a system of Chinese astrology requires your date and time of birth according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar while BaZi or more popularly known as the Four Pillars of Destiny require the date and time according to the Chinese Solar or Hsia Calendar system!

On-line Chinese Calendar Converter

The answer comes in the form of a Chinese Calendar converter book known as the Ten Thousand Year Calendar. These books are available from most Chinese bookshop and it allows you to find the Chinese Lunar and Chinese Solar equivalent of any western date. Ten Thousand is an over statement as the books usually contain no more than 150 years of data. The phrase “Ten Thousand Years Calendar” is a direct translation from the Chinese name. The phrase “Chinese Calendar Converter” is just as appropriate.

Until recently these books are only available in Chinese. Today you can find English language versions of these Chinese Calendar Converter in many bookshops.

I am also please to offer you an alternative. If you are unable to get your hands on one of them in your area, you can try my on-line Chinese Calendar Converter.

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