When will I Die?

The Chinese has a saying about the elderly. They are worries about two things. The first is whether they will die before they can spend all their savings and second, whether they will finish all their savings before they die!

Dying or rather when (and sometime how) is an pre-occupation with many people. Therefore it is not surprising that that last question many of my friends and clients ask at the end of a Chinese Astrology consultation is when they will depart this world!

And I always disappoint them by saying that I do not know.

The truth is I do not know. Maybe there are some practitioners out there that do and I welcome their inputs. What most of us can tell are the years and months where one is in danger of losing one’s life.

Common sense tells us that those born on the same year, month, date and time do not die at the same time. This is further exemplified in the study of twins who are born at the same time (bi-hour). Most of them do not die at the same time and not even in the same year.


To get a better understanding of dying, we must understand the concept of the Big and Small Tai Ji. When we compare a house with the rooms within, the house is the Big Tai Jji while the rooms are the Smaller Tai Ji’s. The Big Tai Jji always has more influence over the Smaller Tai Ji’s. This is why placing a water fountain in the wealth sector of a house is more effective that placing the same water feature in the wealth sector of the room. Big always overcome small.

Man live on earth. When we compare the surrounding with man, the surrounding is the Big Tai Ji. Man is the Small Tai Ji. When we evaluate the astrology chart of a man living in his surroundings, we are evaluating the Small Tai Ji.

The Big Tai Ji always overrules the Small Tai Ji. An example is the recent tsunami in Asia that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. I am sure the astrology charts of all who die did not indicate an imminent life threatening event caused by water! In fact some of their charts may show a healthy and prosperous life (if they had lived). This is an example of how the Big Tai Ji in this case the tsunami can introduce uncertainties that overrule the Small Tai Ji (reading of a birth chart).

Are there other factors that can influence a potential outcome predicted in an astrology chart? There are. In Zi Wei Dou Shu, facing direction (Feng Shui) can increase or decreasing the chance of a predicted event from happening. Let’s take an example of two persons born at the same time whose chart indicates a lifetime weaknesses of the respiratory system. From the chart let’s say that a facing direction of West strengthens the system while East further weakens it. The one who stays in a house that face West may suffer minor respiratory problems while the one that lives in a house that face East can suffer major respiratory ailments.

In addition, the animal signs of those close to you like your spouse, children, maid, business partner etc can also influence the astrology chart. So can the person’s facial and body features.

It does not end here. Yin Feng Shui practitioners will factor in good ancestor Feng Shui while numerologist will attribute it the power of numbers!

I think it is no fun to know when you are going to die. I would suggest instead that we accept the fact that we will die one day. It is like paying taxes. There is no escape. Meanwhile, simply live life to the fullest so that you have no regrets when the time comes!

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