Chinese Zodiac Horse


The Horse is the seventh in the cycle of the 12 zodiacs or horoscope signs in the Chinese animal astrology system. It is associated with the earthly branch Wu which is associated with the 5th month and between the hours of 11 A.M. and 1 P.M.


The Horse is confident, adventurous and independent. They are honest, hard working, cheerful and caring and have many friends.

They care about their appearance and spend a long time looking at themselves in the mirror! They have good oratory and leadership skills, enjoy a variety of interest and know how to make the most if their lives. They are active and have good judgment. They are also good team players.

The horse is however easily flattered by praise, just as a horse is calmed by soft words and gentle strokes. They are not good at keeping secrets and tend to get too involved in their friend’s personal lives.

In addition, the Horse has limited perseverance. They can easily get impatient and upset if they fail several times. They may also have a hot temper. Try to be more tolerant and they will be successful.


The Horse is more compatible with the Tiger, Dog and Goat and less compatible with the Rat.

Suitable Career

Horses are suited to a career in the fire industry. Examples include actor, advertising executive, artist, public relations or politician. They are also suited to a career as an explorer, builder, entrepreneur or chemist.

Practical Advice

The Horse should be less impatient. They should develop greater perseverance and not be easily influenced by praise, especially false ones. They should work hard at their goals and not give up easily.

They should think carefully before saying or doing anything and know when to extract themselves from a bad situation. Finally they should exercise greater tolerance, take life easier and do not let problems weight them down.

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