A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to Zi Wei Dou Shu 2

by Dr YM Cheng, PhD

The person instrumental in popularizing the work of Rips is Michael Drosnin who penned The Bible Code and The Bible Code 2: The Countdown. Many world events were recorded in the Code, e.g. President Kennedy’s assassination; Hitler and the Second World War; the six day war in the Middle East; the bombing of the twin towers in New York; the Great Depression of 1929; and the death of Princess Dianna. Drosnin himself saw the words, “Yitzhak Rabim” running across the words, “Assassin will assassinate” in the Code. Even the predicted year was there. He found this information more than a year before Prime Minister Rabim was assassinated in November 1995. He had tried to warned Rabim through a letter but it was ignored. Rabim probably thought he was an absolute nutcase!

What is even more fascinating, for my purpose, is information concerning the origin of humanity and the identity of Yahweh, the biblical God. In The Bible Code 2, Drosnin devotes a chapter on the code of life, DNA, and a chapter on the alien identity of man’s maker. It seems that the Bible Code is in agreement with Francis Crick’s theory of Directed Panspermia. That is to say, that life on earth originated from the stars. It was brought to earth from elsewhere. In the Code we can find the words, “DNA was brought in a vehicle” running across the words, “in a vehicle your seed.” In another instance, we also find the words, “DNA spiral” crossing over the words, “in Adam the model, template.” Yet on another occasion, the words, “Creation of Man” running across the words, “I gave it to you as an inheritance, I am God” were found.

The third jigsaw piece comes from the works of Zecharia Sitchin. Sitchin has written a series of six books entitled, The Earth Chronicles. In a nutshell, his thesis is that advanced civilizations existed on earth many thousands of years ago and they were of extraterrestrial origins. The story can be found in the ancient Sumerian tablets. A race of space beings called the Annunaki arrived on earth about 450,000 years ago. Anu, Enlil and Enki were three main characters or gods in our story. Anu was the father who eventually went back to the planet of Nibiru. The two sons, Enlil and Enki were left behind in charge of the Annunaki who were mining for gold, for whatever purpose is not clear. Because of the all the toil and hard work, they mutinied. Enlil wanted to punish the mutineers but Enki was more lenient. Enki suggested that a suitable candidate to replace the Annunaki at the mines existed. This candidate was the early hominid, a creature at a particular stage of evolution on earth. It was Enki, with the help of Ninmah, who genetically altered the hominid to have the intelligence of modern man. Thus mankind was created in the image of God. But so was the primitive worker for the gods! According to the Sumerian tablets, the gods were physical beings from the skies who possessed incredibly advanced knowledge and were the ones who taught homo sapiens techniques of agriculture and gave them culture and civilization. Now this is not an isolated story from a past civilization alone. Many ancient myths from Europe, South America, Middle East, and China all tell the same story, that our intelligence was imparted to us by the gods who came down from heaven. It would be rather fool hardy to simply dismiss them as aspirations or fantasies of early man, especially when there are just too many parallel accounts from dissimilar cultures.

The Flood or the Great Deluge account in the Bible is found in an even earlier version in the Sumerian tablets. The Bible Code, mentioned above, also confirmed the event of the Deluge. The point here is that this is an actual event, possibly resulting from the ending of the last Ice Age about 11,000 to 16,000 years ago. I don’t think we should give too much credit to early man for making up such a fantastic phenomenon. Sometimes a spade is really a spade.

I propose that Zecharia Sitchin’s work should be taken seriously however incredible his theory may seem because his is based on ancient records and is supported by many other sources. The first volume of his Earth Chronicles, The 12th Planet, is a perfect example of how science confirms ancient claims regarding our solar system. According Sitchin, the Sumerian cosmology has 12 planets in our solar system, including the sun and the moon. But as we know, there are only 9 planets orbiting the sun. Even if we include both the sun and the moon, it would still only make a total of 11. So where is the 12th planet? In recent years, this planet has been located by astronomers and it has shown to have a very different orbit from the rest of the other planets in our solar system. Again this was already known by the Sumerians. They called named this planet, Nibiru, and they maintained that it has an orbit of 3,600 earth years.

Let me explicate the main points of all the above jigsaw pieces. There’s little doubt in my mind that earth had been visited by space beings in the distant past, and is still a place of visit to them! If one takes the time to do the research, one will come to the conclusion that these higher intelligences have been with us since the beginning of humankind. (Graham Hancock’s book, Supernatural, is a scholarly researched and very convincing account of this view.) Some people might see them as gods, demigods, extraterrestrials, aliens, fairies, angels, demons, etc. Whatever they are is hard to establish, but what is indisputable is their effect on humanity throughout history.
They reside in our very psyche and they feature in our myths of creation, fall, and redemption. That they are still here with us is almost a foregone conclusion given the evidence.

Of course, one should not just take my word for it. One must do the necessary slog work by reading the appropriate books, checking out the pertinent articles, surfing the net to get to the relevant websites, and then weighing the information in the light of one’s own experience to arrive at one’s conclusion. What matters is that one has done or is willing to do the search, not the result of the search. If at the end of the search, one comes to the conclusion that all the jigsaw pieces above are a load of crap, then at least the conclusion, if not the contents of the search, warrants respect. But, on the other hand, if one simply dismisses them as rubbish without thorough examination, then one would be akin to an ostrich with its head in the sand, refusing to confront reality.

There are many more jigsaw pieces than the ones mentioned above. It’s up to the reader to go and search for them. As I have stated before: there are more questions than answers in life. It’s another way of saying that life in its essence is mysterious and it’s unlikely that we will be able to unlock the mystery in our lifetime. Yet it’s something to celebrate about. We can marvel at the mystery even though a large of me desperately wants to know what it is all about. The enticing thing in this whole affair is that whoever or whatever is behind it all has left numerous clues for us to find.

And this leads to my claim that ZWDS absolutely fascinating because it is like the Bible Code in that based on one’s year, month, day and hour of birth, it is possible to predict accurately the events or things which will happen to the individual. Honestly speaking, I was rather a skeptic when I was first introduced to ZWDS. Only after I had drawn up my own chart and those of my relatives, and saw how the charts correlated with our lives, I began to seriously investigate and study the subject. Since then I have never ceased to be amazed by the accuracy of the charts. How is this possible? How can just the birth details reveal so much about a person? Apart from determining significant issues such as the wealth and profession of a person, I have in the past been able to tell that my client’s menstruation period was irregular, one particular client visited a prostitute on the day he consulted me, and one client had an argument with her husband on a particular day. All this comes from a reading of a ZWDS chart.

ZWDS is a very complicated system based on specific rules and calculations. Legend has it that ZWDS was invented by Chen Xi Yi, but where did the formulas come from? Were they from a much more superior intelligence, possibly from another dimension? After all, science is now telling us that there are possibly eleven dimensions to our universe. Buddhism have long been saying to us that there are at least thirty-three levels of existence. Interestingly, science is only beginning to catch up with the truths of religion. F. Capra’s The Tao of Physics, L. McTaggart’s The Field and E. Laszlo’s Science and the Akashic Field are especially informative on such issues. But that’s digressing, so let’s return to our place of departure. ZWDS points to a much larger pattern, with ZWDS as possibly only the first of many layers of the Code to revealing the Mystery of Life. Only from such a perspective is ZWDS highly meaningful and immensely interesting!

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(Article kind courtesy of Dr YM Cheng, PhD)

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